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  1. NorthCarolina_CWP

    Which Holster Material Do You Prefer?

    Hello everyone, Im interested to find out what material everyone prefers their holsters be made out of. I like nylon IWB holsters because the material is more comfotable to me then any other. What about you,and why?
  2. NorthCarolina_CWP

    Im Finally Legal Now!!!

    I got my letter in the mail last friday and I went to the Robeson County Sheriffs Office to get my permit yesterday. I did the class back in January,and filed my application on January 31st,and got my letter of approval april 11th,So that took 71days in Robeson County NC,and one of my friends...
  3. NorthCarolina_CWP

    Anyone In Robeson County?

    Robeson,or surrounding Counties?