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    CC Questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by G50AE What is a "good and sufficient reason"? Actually, that is not entirely correct. Virginia has no statutory nor caselaw definition of what "good and sufficient reason" means, but it is generally accepted that self defense is an acceptable reason for lawfully...
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    CWP badge

    Looks like this one - Link Removed
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    Utah non-resident concealed firearm permit - class in Annapolis, Md

    Proactive Shooters, LLC Firearms Safety Training & Instruction Richmond, Va. is proud to announce a special class.... The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class! Class Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009 from 10am - 4pm Class Location: Masonic Lodge #89, 162 Conduit Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 A...
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    Utah CFP instructors - what is your average class size?

    Just wondering how often you do a Utah CFP class and what your average class size is.....if you care to share what you charge, I'd be interested in hearing that as well.
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    Utah non-resident permit class - Saturday, 2/14 in Ashland, Va

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing another one of our Utah permit classes on Saturday, February 14, 2009 from 10am - 3pm. The class will be held at the Ashland Bass Pro Shop. Our class usually sells out but this month we've got plenty of seats so its a good time...
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    List of Virginia CCW Instructors

    James Reynolds, President and Chief Firearms Instructor Proactive Shooters, LLC - Richmond, Va. Proactive Shooters - Firearms Safety, Training and Instruction 804-307-8315 Certified NRA firearms instructor Certified Utah concealed firearm instructor Former law enforcement officer - 12 years...