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  1. stumpjumper101

    Pennsylvania concealed question

    planning a trip to Pa. curious to know if there are any specific restrictions i need to know about I.E. ammunition restriction's or if there are specific places in where carry is prohibited above and beyond federal buildings, court houses, and educational facility's. any help would be appreciated
  2. stumpjumper101

    223 ammo

    I recieved a flier with my recent order from Ballistic products advertising 223 by fiochi loaded with hornady bullets 35 cent per round in 50 round boxes and as low as 33 cent per round ordered in 20 boxes or over. My math puts that at $330.00 a thousand plus shipping.not a bad price in todays...
  3. stumpjumper101

    D.C. Ammo registration?

    I recieved a email from the VCDL about the upcoming protest in Washington D.C. this week. Contained in it was a warning of not to bring our guns of course and dont forget to leave your ammo behind because it is a felony for each unregistered round. I have done several searches on the net and...
  4. stumpjumper101

    possible mythical animal killed chupacabra

    Communist News Network has the video Video - Breaking News Videos from
  5. stumpjumper101

    score another for being prepared

    here is the link to the whole story Link Removed pay attention to what the shooter was carrying openly. also the fact that his trigger broke during the firefight and he was still able to make his weapon function and score hits on the bad guy
  6. stumpjumper101


    well i finally broke down and ordered 3 crossbreed holsters. placed the order on 07/14 and they arrived in the mail today at 2pm 07/16 less than 48 hours from MO. to Va. i got to say thats service. next Its got to be the ugliest holster i have laid my eyes on, but even before its broke in i have...
  7. stumpjumper101

    score another for being prepared

    Link Removed If this is the same story that the VCDL just sent out an email on this guy shot the clerk lined up the patrons in the store and was reloading insinuating he was going to kill everyone there, when his plan was foiled by a man open carrying with a gunshot to the torso. way to go. the...
  8. stumpjumper101

    osprey intenational optics

    has anyone tried osprey international optics on their rifle. a friend of mine bought one last week 6x24x 50 with mil dot reticle illuminated red and green $220 at a gun show. i checed it out it has awesome clarity superb magnification and a side paralax adjustment as well. also its 30 mm tube as...
  9. stumpjumper101

    a little help

    I put a scope on my sig 556 and went to the range this morning to zero it. well to make a long story short i ran out of elevation and im still 2 inches low at 100 yds. now my instincts tell me that the design of this rifle has a lot to do with it being the barrel is 2 to 2.5 inches below the...
  10. stumpjumper101

    soloution to securing pistol?

    im looking for a way to secure my pistol while its in the vehicle. trying to find a happy median of being able to keep it ready for use with minimal fumbling to get to it. i work a lot in the summer in light clothing that keep the pistol on me at all times is not practical and my children are...
  11. stumpjumper101

    loading 308 wuth imr4064

    i am getting ready to load a bulk of 308 with imr4064 and just wanted to know if anyone has found a sucessful load for it used in a standard m1a. i am planning to use either 168 or 173gr bthp. i really didnt want to use 4064 but that was all i could find 6 lbs that was suitable for use with a...
  12. stumpjumper101

    Questions about Sig Sauer P250

    i was fortunate to test a P250 before they hit the market. Its very simple. the licencensed part of the pistol is actually the trigger and frame rails built togeather. You buy it in one of the sizes and calibers that are available ( one complete pistol ). from there you can purchase new barrels...
  13. stumpjumper101

    help overide Gov. Kaine's Veto

    Virginian's Time is short the Veto overide session in April 8th so please take the time to send a prewritten email by the VCDL to your senator and delagate by simply using the links below. when you put in your zip code it will select your represenative. :biggrin: Link Removed Link Removed
  14. stumpjumper101

    another mass shooting

    this is not what we need. Link Removed
  15. stumpjumper101

    Texas Allows Sex Offenders to be EMTs

    Link Removed there are sick people in every profession. its unfortunate
  16. stumpjumper101

    holster 4 1911 with rail

    who makes a good holster for a 1911 5 '' with rail , kydex or leather preferred outside the waste.
  17. stumpjumper101

    How noticable do the "No Weapons" signs have to be?

    check out the va civil defense leages website. it has most of the anti establishments listed with photo's of their notification signs. also they have a email list that they will send out emails to you about action items in which are upcomming dealing with 2a rights Link Removed its...
  18. stumpjumper101

    gunman opens fire in NC nursing home

    pretty bad when your not even safe in a nursing home!!!! Link Removed
  19. stumpjumper101

    emt and volunteer fire fighters getting discounts?

    and u are a civillian too there mr mall ninja. oh and by the way that rule just got rescended check out this link page 60 at the bottom Link Removed