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    Thermal hog hunt video. 15 pigs down

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    Thermal hog hunt video. 15 pigs down

    I’m guessing this is military lingo, referring to my buddies rifle setup. He had a hunch it wasn’t going to cycle well. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t cycle at all. That said he installed an SLR adjustable gas block last night and should have it tuned for the next hunt. Sent from my iPhone...
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    Thermal hog hunt video. 15 pigs down

    Finally got everything back set up to make videos again. Went out in Wallis, Tx and spied this group of hogs in a cut down rice field. There were 3 of us, but my buddy decided to hunt with his new .308 SBR that doesn’t have an adjustable gas block yet. So his gun went out of service after his...
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    Thermal hog eradication 7 down video

    Got an invite to go down to Victoria, Tx to help eradicate some hogs that had been hitting the corn fields pretty hard. We started around 9:00 and wrapped it up around 3:00 am. We drove around scanning fields out the window and stopped in a few places to call for a few minutes here and there...
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    Video 14 hogs down thermal eradication

    Started the night with a coyote shot from about 100 yds. Spun around for a few seconds and fell over. Bullet entered behind shoulder and exited front of shoulder. That video didn't record (forgot to enable video mode on the Reap-ir) but it did remind me to enable video on the scope which allowed...
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    2 coyotes in thermal

    Slow night. Saw these 2 coyotes around 2am and managed to get within about 100 yards. Scope was on the wrong reticle location setting. The Reap IR holds 4 different zeros and I was on the wrong gun/reticle location combo... my bad :/ End of video shows different reticle location save options...
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    5 coyotes taken with thermal

    Video below. Landowner texted me a couple weeks ago with a coyote problem. Made it out last Saturday night and got 5. Recovered 4, but knew the unrecovered one was dead (4th one from his video-- u can see him spurting blood running and get wobbly and then fall over- found him last night after...
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    150 yard coyote dropped with thermal

    Video below. Got out for a couple hours last night near Winnie. Only saw one coyote and the wind was not in my favor. I watched her run back and forth across the field for over 30 minutes at a distance. I had opened a bucket of rotten food/soured corn, but she wouldn't come in. So I blew on the...