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    Gun Board Interview

    I completed my CPL training and submitted all my information to the county sheriff a few weeks back :chees:. I was surprised when I got a letter from the county requesting my presence with the gun board for an interview. I am fine with this however don't really know what to expect. Anyone...
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    Training Cost for CPL

    All - I live in northern lower Michigan and have been looking around for CPL training classes. I found a place in Gaylord however just left a voicemail. Before I talk to them I would like to know what 1 day course runs, ballpark? For warned is for armed. :N00B: thanks!
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    Process Question

    I live in Michigan and just bought my first handgun (Beretta 90-Two). I have been researching getting my CCW and saw that I did not have to get a purchase permit to buy a handgun if I had a CCW. Let me back up a bit, in order to get the handgun, here is what I had to do: 1) Go to the local...
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    Newbie Question

    I have a Beretta 90-Two 9mm and have a question about keeping bullets in the magazine. How long should bullets be kept in the mag? Will the spring get weak if kept too long? Thanks!