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  1. weagle83

    Sig P290RS Misfires - Light Strikes

    Any one else having issures with the Sig P290RS with misfires? We picked one up for my wife but after a little shooting, we had 12-14 misfires, or light strikes, on about 135 rounds varying between 3 different ammo brands (all brand name). Most misfires would fire on a restrike but some took...
  2. weagle83

    New Photo Pistol License Card

    Just got my renewal on my carry license and it was a photo ID card. It has always been a hand written piece of paper in years past with the county Sheriff's rules listed on the back. The new card does not have those rules listed on it. Anyone else noticed a change with your renewal or is it...
  3. weagle83

    Cycling assault.

    I keep a small boat horn in a pouch mounted on the top bar. I also keep a can of Wasp & Hornet spray in one of the water bottle racks. Both are generally for dogs but could be a deterent to a "BG". I like the wasp & hornet because it will spray about 15-20 ft. and has the same affect on dogs...
  4. weagle83

    Carry Suggestions

    I was looking for something to use while bike riding and came across the Pistol Wear pouch. Link Removed It has a moisture barrier between your skin and the gun. I have considered giving it a try.