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  1. Llamaminimax

    Ruger 44 magnum redhawk

    Anyone ever own one or have one right now looking for a input
  2. Llamaminimax

    Eaa windicator 357?

    Im thinking about buying a eaa windicator at my local gun store for 320.00 good?
  3. Llamaminimax

    Kimber raptor ll?

    Im thinking on gettin me a kimber raptor ll. Just wanting to know what you think of them?
  4. Llamaminimax

    Indiana to kentucky.

    So im going to be going to kentucky with the family for a few days and im wanting to carry my pistol. But im alittle to busy to go poking through the internet all day to find something. So can someone tell me. I live in northern indiana and I know kentucky allows the carry of a handgun from...
  5. Llamaminimax

    Info on a llama minimax .45 caliber

    Hello I have a llama minimax traded a rossi snub nose for it to my grandpa. And I was worried about it but then took it out and shot a few dozen rounds and it put my worries to rest. But I want to hear what some of you think. I want to know what parts I can change on it I have been wanting to...
  6. Llamaminimax

    Just stoped for open carry in ihop

    Was at ihop with my friends and family after about a hour or so we got up to leave. Since I was alittle over heated I need put my jacket on and right by the door was a mishawaka police officer. He didnt notice my gun at first til I got half way out the door and he freaked out and said "sir sir...