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  1. Old Zebra

    1911 Guys - What's your favorite?

    For several years my preferred carry was a 9mm Colt New Agent (3" barrel). I replaced Colt's plastic MSH with an arched Smith and Alexander MSH and refinished it with Robar's NP3+ and added Esmeralda's macassar ebony grips. Sold it some time ago. Link Removed
  2. Old Zebra

    Anyone recommend some 1911 grips?

    +1 on VZ Grips. Link Removed
  3. Old Zebra

    1911 7 round vs 8 round?

    If you are okay with a kydex holster, Raven Concealment Systems can make a holster for just about any pistol with a rail-mounted light. Link Removed I've had a Phantom model for several years. It's been excellent.
  4. Old Zebra

    Looking for owb holster for Xd 45

    Check out Mernickle Holsters PS6 model. This high ride holster does an excellent job of tucking the grip tight against your body. My only affiliation with Mernickle is as a customer. Link Removed
  5. Old Zebra

    Having a hard time... a 9mm or a .380?

    Kaytee, the best advice has already been given. Go somewhere where you can shoot a variety of pistols. If you lean toward a small .380, the Sig P238 has been very popular with women. While most .380s use a blow-back design, the Sig P238 uses a locked breech. The result is the Sig P238 is a...
  6. Old Zebra

    Picky indecisive guy need help

    My CC favorite is the 9mm Colt New Agent with Crimson Trace grips. Bought this gun new and it was flawless for 1,800 rounds. When I began to experience feed issues, I replaced the original recoil spring assembly. The gun is running like a clock again. Colt wouldn't give me a straight answer...
  7. Old Zebra

    .45 CC Handgun Preferences and Choice

    If a 1911 is acceptable, you might want to look at the Colt New Agent. It's available in .45 or 9mm. I have one in 9mm and it's excellent for CC. Link Removed
  8. Old Zebra

    Kydex Holster for XDm 40 with a TLR2 light

    Try Raven Concealment Systems. They should be able to make a holster to meet your needs for about $90.00. I have one for my 1911 w/TLR-2. Draws are noisier than leather, but the holster is stable and comfortable. Good luck! Link Removed P.S. I have no connection with Raven except as a...
  9. Old Zebra

    Paddle holster for Sig p238??

    You probably are aware of Sig's belt clip holster for the P238...but if not, here 'tis. Link Removed
  10. Old Zebra

    1911 3" ccw help...

    I've owned a 9mm Colt New Agent for a little over a year now and it quickly became my favorite choice for carry. Except for Hornady Critical Defense rounds, this gun eats everything and has functioned flawlessly for 1200 rounds and counting. It weighs about 25 ozs. when loaded with 8+1. The...
  11. Old Zebra

    Raven holster

    I have a Raven Phantom for my 1911 with a rail-mounted laser/light combo. The holster functions perfectly...good retention, smooth draws and easy re-holstering. My only issues are with the kydex itself. Compared to a leather holster, kydex causes a noisier draw and is more abrasive on a gun's...
  12. Old Zebra

    sig p238

    I have a P238 and like it for concealed carry during warm weather. For belt carry, I use a PSR Medium Ride from Mernickle Holsters. Link Removed For pocket carry, I use a holster from Pocket Concealment Systems. Link Removed And with elastic-waist shorts, I use a Standard Model Smartcarry...
  13. Old Zebra

    Any 1911 fans out there?

    My concealed carry choice is a Colt New Agent in 9mm with Crimson Trace grips...3" barrel, 25 ozs. 8-round mags + 1. Link Removed
  14. Old Zebra

    Looking for ideas on a 45

    You might take a look at the Colt New Agent which is available in 45ACP and 9mm. I have one in 9mm. With Crimson Trace grips, the New Agent is an excellent choice for concealed carry. The New Agent has a 3" barrel and weighs approximately 25 ozs. with a loaded mag +1. Short-barrel 1911s...
  15. Old Zebra

    Compact 9mm

    Sig revealed a new compact 9mm, the P938, at the 2012 SHOT show. It's very similar to the .380 P238. Looks promising! Link Removed
  16. Old Zebra

    Opinions on pocket carry of Sig P238

    I have a Sig P238 and as a 1911-owner, I confidently carry the P238 in condition one. For the P238, I prefer OWB concealed carry when wearing a jacket or a loose fitting shirt. But when wearing a tucked-in shirt and no jacket I will pocket carry. And when wearing elastic waist shorts I will...
  17. Old Zebra

    Holster and light for M&P 40

    Puppet, Raven Concealment Systems has a holster model called the Phantom which is light compatible for a number of different rail-mounted lights, including the Streamlight TLR-3. I have a Phantom for my 1911 and a Streamlight TLR-2. The holster works's solid, and has great retention...
  18. Old Zebra

    looking for a better gun gelt

    Check out Galco's SB3 series belts. They look somewhat like a dress belt as they have a tapered or feathered edge. The SB3s come in 1.5 inch widths. If you decide to buy one, be careful to order the correct size. My true waist size is 38 inches, so I ordered a size 38 belt. After mounting a...
  19. Old Zebra

    Small backlit handgun safe?

    I've been a GunVault user for years. GunVault has several small models that use fingertip combination need for a back-light. You can find them through on-line retailers. Link Removed
  20. Old Zebra

    Concealed Carry With No Belt?

    During our warm weather in Arizona, I often wear elastic-waist shorts. And when wearing no-belt shorts, I carry my Sig P238 in a SmartCarry holster, like you are considering. Takes a little getting used to...but the holster works as advertised. In addition, I have a Harpoon model pocket...