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  1. Cavalry Doc

    How Cooperative with a LEO is wise?

    I learned a lot from those videos. If you haven't watched them yet, do so before you carry again.
  2. Cavalry Doc

    KATRINA Victims that had Guns taken/stolen by Gov.

    The history books are full of stories of misguided youth. That's why the efforts of the NRA to have laws on the books that prevent such an occurrence. The problem was that there was no prior thought. There were rumors of people shooting at rescue helicopters, mostly false, but fueled by...
  3. Cavalry Doc

    Ron Paul: Printing Money Only Prolongs The Pain

    Link Removed, he's one of many. But I agree that WAY TOO FEW politicians are looking at the real source of the problem. Maybe some day we will have a viable candidate that has a good financial policy.