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    I've never gotten hate-mail, so here's my chance.

    As difficult as it is to say, particularly as a 57 year -old American who used to put his squirrel rifle in his school locker in the morning [along with several other kids in central Indiana], there are some instances in this country today where firearm owners need to be regulated. Now, I...
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    To the nice people who replied to "Freaking.."-13A-11-50

    There have been many VERY nice people who replied to my thread about "FREAKING OUT OVER 'BAMA LAWS", so I wanted to post the following: A lot of you are telling me that you are carrying everything from lock-blade folders to Samurai swords. Maybe this will help keep someone out of trouble...
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    Freaking out about 'bama laws!

    I've just discovered that I am moving to Perry County, Alabama in a couple of months, from Indiana. I have been reading about Alabama firearm and knife laws and I am totally freaked out. Here in Indiana, I have a lifetime carry permit for handguns, open or concealed, and there are no laws...