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    CCW taking parts of a gun in a restaurant

    Is this illegal? I walk to a an Ohio restaurant which sells alcoholic drinks with a friend who does not have a CCW. Just before entering the restaurant I take my gun, unload it and remove the magazine and hand the mag to my friend. Then I break down my receiver from the gun and hand it to my...
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    Son doesn't believe in guns - help!

    I have three sons, 15, 18 and 21. I recently bought a gun and acquired my CCW. Since then I have tried to have them see me handle the weapon carefully when cleaning it and handle it themselves while I do so. I have taken all three of them shooting on a couple of occasions and have offered many...
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    Glove compartment need to be locked?

    Ohio conceal carry law states the following: Automobile carry: A person who has been issued a concealed handgun license or a temporary emergency license to carry a concealed handgun may transport a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle if the loaded handgun is: 1. In a holster secured on the...
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    Taurus 709

    OK, so how about some feedback from the experts on this one. Taurus just came out with a new smaller 9mm. It is a 709 and it's pretty small compared to my Glock 19. What's everyone's thoughts on Taurus guns? What about your thoughts on buying a new model for conceal carry in the summer? Is it...
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    First out of state trip. Automobile rules are confusing.

    OK, so I'm leaving soon from Ohio through Kentucky into Tennessee. I just read the automobile rules and it looks like I cannot carry my handgun on me in either state and cannot have the gun in the car without locking in a box. Is this true?
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    Cobb Creek or Knob Creek, Kentucky

    Someone told me today about an outdoor shoot with automatics, night fire and possibly a tank. He said it was near Lexington, Kentucky in Cobb Creek or Knob Creek. Anybody know anything about this?
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    Best conceal carry holsters?

    I'm a new CCW holder without much experience with holsters. I bought an FBI belt holster but that won't be much use this summer. With limited funds for what I expect will become an expensive collection of holsters, what is my best next holster to get me through the summer?