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  1. jchantelau

    on-line ammo

    I've purchased several times from Link Removed, all positive experiences. Great ammo.
  2. jchantelau

    Moving to BAMA

    Ok, so today I just accepted a job offer in the Huntsville area. Currently I am waiting on my South Carolina CWP to get to me, I think I have another 60 days before I will get it. In order to carry concealed in GA and AL I was planning to get a nonres Florida permit. I already have a valid...
  3. jchantelau

    Fun Shooting Day

    Met up with some friends at the range today and had the opportunity to shoot a couple of guns for the first time. Sig p226 - Very nice smooth firearm. The frame is much larger then my G22 but a very nice firearm and one I would like to add to my collection. Sig p239 - the compact version of...
  4. jchantelau

    Nuclear Biological Chemical

    Thanks for the link....great info.
  5. jchantelau

    Justice Served

    what terrible event, sad. I walk around my house and my yard with my gun when I'm home as well as have it right on the end table while I sleep. It is never far from me. All you gotta do is pick up the paper!
  6. jchantelau

    This happened to me on Wednesday...

    I was on my way over to my local gun store to pick up a few things. When I got to the front of the gun store the parking lot is very small so I had to wait just a second for a larger truck to pull out and then I slowly pulled in my spot and walked in. I walked in the store exactly at 12:44 and...
  7. jchantelau

    New family members

    Just thought I would share, I'm excited, I've had my Glock 22 for a couple of months and decided it was time to get the rest of the .40 family of Glocks. I picked up my Glock 27 about 2 weeks ago and just picked up my Glock 23 2 days ago. My wife may be stealing the Glock 27 from me, she loves...