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  1. NFTATraining

    Product Review On The Busnell Trophy 1 x 32 AR Optic

    If you have an AR plat form rifle and want to get a nice short range/close quarters scope but don't want to spend the ACOG price the Bushnell Trophy 1 x 32 T-RET is the way to go. Right out of the box the quality of the construction grabbed my attention. The body is metal, you have the...
  2. NFTATraining

    Need some training advice

    Well, I am not sure what you are trying to prove, but what you can do is this; there is a really great organization called "I.D.P.A." It stands for the "International Defensive Pistol Association" here is a link to their web site Link Removed they sponsor gun clubs & ranges across the eastern...
  3. NFTATraining

    Open Carry A Good Idea Or Bad?

    I have been doing a lot of thinking about this subject. To be honest I don't have a solid opinion on wether I think it's a good or bad thing. I mean open and concealed have their both good and bad points. Carrying Concealed: Advantage: Tactically speaking, I think the element of surprise is a...
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    Where is my Browning High Power People?

    FN Browning High-Power 9mm. Awesome.
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    The False Security Of Laser Aiming Devices And Their General Uselessness.

    If you have talked to me for more than 5 minutes about tactics or training I am sure I told you about how I absolutley can't stand laser aiming devices. They give people false security and I absolutely despise their very existance. No one will ever change my mind on this, I don't care if Samuel...