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  1. CDW4ME

    Glock 38, 39 the 45 caliber alternatives to the Glock 19/23 and 26/27

    Ever wished the Glock 19/23 or 26/27 launched a 45 diameter bullet? That option has been available for several years, 45 GAP. The Glock 38 in 45 GAP uses the same frame as a 19/23 and has an eight shot magazine. The Glock 39 in 45 GAP uses the same frame as a 26/27 and has a six shot magazine...
  2. CDW4ME

    Doing my part for the 10mm bought a Glock 29 SF

    I recently bought a Glock 29 SF 10mm. In my initial shooting session(s) the only problem I had was the flush fitting magazine would consistently lock the slide open with one round left in the magazine. I did not have this problem using the magazine with a Pearce base plate. I got additional...
  3. CDW4ME

    New Kimber Ultra Carry owner. Initial Experiences.

    I recently purchased a new Kimber Ultra Carry II with night sights. I installed some Pachymar grips to cover the slick front strap. The first 75 rounds were uneventful, 50 rounds of S&B 230 gr. ball and 25 rounds of Ranger T. I used two different factory Kimber magazines. Last Saturday was...
  4. CDW4ME

    Shot Timer: Interesting for comparison

    I recently downloaded a free Taurus shot timer "app" for my Iphone. It was neat to see my 2nd shot times, which instigated comparisions. I would set a B27 target at about 6 yards and see how quickly the 2nd shot could be kept inside the 10 ring (4''x6''). If the 2nd shot failed to stay in the 10...
  5. CDW4ME

    Three favorite 45 pistols

    Springfield XD 45 compact, Glock 38 in 45 GAP, Kahr PM45 I recently bought the XD 45, it's my first Springfield. Holds 10 + 1 rounds with the flush fitting magazine. The grip is slightly smaller than a Glock 19/23 and feels great. Recoil seems mild for a 45 and the pistol has been trouble free...
  6. CDW4ME

    Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT, S&W 442

    Got a Ruger LCP; took it and shot about 70 rounds straight out of the box (no cleaning or oil), with the exception of adding a little rubber grip enhancer. I shot 30 rounds of Win. ball, 30 HydraShocks, and 10 Winchester SXT. No problems. First thing I did after cleaning the pistol was add a...
  7. CDW4ME

    Anyone shoot / carry 45 GAP ?

    How popular is the 45 GAP?