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    Road Trip (Laws Question)

    Hey everyone, I am planning a road trip for either this summer or next and I had a few questions, I figured some other folks might have the answers pretty handy. I want to carry a weapon for self defense, I mean I normally carry everyday. Heck, I have a little S&W .380 Bodyguard on me right...
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    It Starts With a Punch

    I know there a tons of "What if's" but I have one thing that still lurks in my mind. We all know that there are situations which clearly warrent deadly physical force. Someone breaking into your home, someone trying to carjack you, someone trying to rob you, etc. What about the simple...
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    When to tell a LEO you are packing?

    Hey there, Just wondering if there was any link by state as to when you must inform a LEO when you are Carrying Concealed? I live in Alabama and poked around the State's Code, but couldn't find anything off hand. I am pretty sure it is different for each state. Haven't carried much since I am...
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    Where Can I Carry? Where Can't I Carry?

    Hey All, I am currently overseas in the army, but I am an Alabamian, and I plan on getting a Concealed Carry Permit when I am back in Alabama. I looked at lots of different websites about Alabama's Right to Carry Laws and I couldn't seem to find more information about where exactly you can't...