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    Class-action suit

    I'd like to propose a nationwide class-action federal lawsuit against all state CCW laws. Essentially, federal case-law has defined the right of "Privacy" as being "the right to be free from public scrutiny," and it outlaws any state laws which infringe on this right. CCW laws clearly belong in...
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    How do I get a permit to purchase a handgun?

    Can anyone tell me about this? Likewise, can I be denied this because of a "mental illness?" I have PTSD from the war, but I am not in any way an increased threat to anyone. Thanks. EDIT: I live in MICHIGAN; sorry I forgot to mention that. As for moving, that's out of the question for me...
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    Let's make Concealed Carry a RIGHT

    I would like to propose that everyone in states that allow open carry, band together to challenge Concealed Carry laws in court. For example, Michigan CCW-law is unconstitutional by requiring a permit to carry concealed, despite recognizing the right to carry openly. This also goes for many...
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    "Mental Illness" prohibitions on CCW permits

    Michigan and some other state laws prohibit issuing CCW permits to persons "diagnosed with mental illness." The CCW permit-application also asks "have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness," with a check-box for "yes" or "no." The application states that by signing it, you aagree and...