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    Gun Photos - Who's Got em!?

    My family Here are a few family photo's Rock Island compact: Link Removed Rock Island 2-tone: Link Removed Saiga AK-47 Link Removed Last, but not least, my new Windicator .357 Link Removed I'll be working on some group portraits if I can get them all to sit still long enough to get the...
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    The Gun I love To carry

    Can't we just get along? Guys, why all the hostility? Glocks are fine guns. Lots of police and federal agents use them. 1911's were the choice of our military for nearly 100 years and some special forces still use them. Will Glocks be remembered 100 years from now? maybe. Regardless...
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    My New .357

    Don't get me wrong, I love my RIA 1911's and carry my compact model constantly; however, I wanted a wheelgun. I had a Rossi J-frame .38, but the grip is pretty small and it's hard to control with my big hands. So I sold that and got an EAA Windicator .357. Link Removed Steel frame, 6-rounds...
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    Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun?

    Personal Decision Lots of sage advice here. When I started CC'ing, I did some research on what to carry. I actually went through two different guns (Taurus and Kahr) but was not satisfied with either. I now carry a compact 1911 from Rock Island and love it. Small enough to conceal, a little...
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    Peace of the Rock.. I have both a compact and a full sized Rock Island 1911 in .45. The compact is my usual carry and the full sized sits on my night stand. Great guns, reliable and dependable and, most important, AFFORDABLE! Link Removed Link Removed
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    Custom Leather

    I use a IWB holster from a local place near Dallas. While they are not just a holster maker, they do make some good ones and will make one for you. Here's the one I use: Link Removed Just as comfortable as the CB supertuck and less $$
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    What holster do you use???

    For my RIA 1911's, I use a basic Galco paddle holster, but I didn't like the cold plastic against my skin, so I glued a leather shield to it for more comfort. Works for the compact and the full size as well. Link Removed
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    A little Advice

    Can't vote So, I can't vote because my choice is not in the list. I'm sure any of these handguns would do just fine, but here's my vote: Link Removed It's a Rock Island compact 1911 in 45ACP. Slim, easy to conceal, reliable, and the RIA guns won't break the bank. AND it's a .45 :biggrin:
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    What Kind Of AK Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

    My new Saiga I just got this Saiga AK-47. It's a 7.62x39 and I added the scope to help my poor old eyes :sarcastic: I've had it out to the range a couple of times now and it shoots great. Link Removed
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    Rock Island Armory compact Y/N?

    +1 for RIA I have two Rock Island pistols. One is a compact (CS) that I've had about two years: Link Removed The other is a full sized tactical model: Link Removed Both are solid, accurate, and dependable. The CS went for under 400 and the full sized was well under 500. All RIA's come with...
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    concealed carry 45

    My piece of the 'Rock I know I saw at least one mention of the Rock Island Armory pistol. This is my CS (compact) model: Link Removed These guns are rock solid (pun intended :laugh:), accurate and reliable. This one cost me under 400.00 in January. 3.5" barrel, 7-rnd magazine, Parkerized...
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    Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

    Piece of the 'Rock' I carry a Rock Island Armory (RIA) compact 1911 (same size as a Colt Officers model). I use a Galco Kydex OWB and a nylon IWB depending on how I dress. Link Removed