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    Is Obama anti-gun or not?

    I keep tracking CIFTA and feel that BHO truly supports it, yet he's not made a huge political push for it--YET. However, since I think he is not a man of truth, I have to ask; what's he up to when it comes to our 2A rights? Obama yet to fulfill gun pledge with Mexico - Washington Times
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    Obama says economy has "core strengths"

    I won't reprint the article, but you all have to find the story where Bozobama talks about the difficulties that the American economy is having but that it has "CORE STRENGTHS"...(pause)...What the? Any chance that Hussein's syncophants will challenge him on this one? I mean this is the same...
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    Amtrak--Anyone got a quick answer?

    A last minute unscheduled trip has come up. I'm a VA resident driving to WV tomorrow and taking the train back. I have a VA resident CCL; WV is a reciprocal state. I have looked at Amtrak website and see no mention of CCW. Can I carry concealed on an Amtrak train?
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    OK, You have a CCW. When NOT to use it?

    I was thinking today; you have a CCW, you carry legally and you are proficient with your firearm. Now, what situation or situations would arise that would you make you think twice about drawing your weapon? I know we practice and are ready, but when would you be better off holding off on bearing?
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    True love and a CCW

    Have been carrying and old Colt revolver since getting my CCW, an inherited gun. Have been looking and thinking and finally bought me a NIB Taurus 85 Blue Ultra Lite 38spl and a little pocket holster. Never knew what true love was. Went to the range this evening and shot 50 rounds. Great...
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    Traveling through Maryland?

    I am a VA resident taking a trip to PA; will be going through WV and MD. I have a VA resident CCP and it looks like I'm good everywhere but MD. I will not be staying overnight, just passin' through. In looking at MD laws, I don't see where I can do so legally. Am I right on this? The...
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    Home Defense but keep child safe

    I haven't seen any other posts on this but I have a puzzle I am trying to work through and need some suggestions. Trying to "set up" my weapons for quick accessibility for HD; using a 16 ga 5 shot Browing and a S&W 4" .44. Want to keep them loaded and at the ready but trying to think...
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    First time carry

    I've had my CC permit for just a few months and haven't found the right one to carry yet. I keep one in the car when I travel. So this evening I went running around and stuck a little New England Firearms 22LR revolver in my pocket; just to get the "feel". Talk about being self-concious. How...