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  1. joesmo

    Tactical Holster: G21 w/TLR2

    Any help, leads, insight or links appreciated. I saw one by Spectregear which is a "universal" tactical holster for use w a mounted lite - having problems defining my search. This is a "want" and not a "need"..LOL!
  2. joesmo

    New Gift (barrel issue?)

    Just received a Browning 9mm. Did some searching, made in Belgium in 1969. It looks like it has never been fired, if it has, not too many rounds. Absolutely zero wear, all bluing looks new. The case definately protected it. Was concerned because it looked like the barrel had a stress crack...
  3. joesmo

    My First Colt

    Preface: I currently carry a G30sf, and have a G21sf....but I have been craving a 1911 to have and to hold.<g>. I'll be taking ownership of a nice Colt Combat Commander tomorrow, pictures coming soon.
  4. joesmo

    Under Desk Holster

    I know I saw one partucular was ALL kydex, maybe not intended for under desk, but could be. i think it was sold as one that can be mounted in a backpak, a car, amost anywhere. I forgot to bookmark the site, I know I saw it somewhere, prob here. HELP! :fie:
  5. joesmo

    Newbie CC BabyStep - one in the chamber

    OK, sometimes we take baby steps, maybe it is a comfort level, maybe just knowledge. I have been doing CC less than a year, 6 months to be exact, so I am truly a newbie. When I first started to CC my G30, I did so withn nothing in the chamber. My rationale was, better to have it inside my...
  6. joesmo

    Thank You USA-Carry

    I want to give a big thank you to all my new friends over here - what a wealth of information and insight. I'm posting this here instead of the reloading section because it is more than just the reload thank you that I want to give. I appreciate the knowledge, whether first hand, anecdotal, or...
  7. joesmo

    A Day at the range...

    I was feeling a little down, so thoguht, why not improve the day and go to the range. (I was the best dressed man on the range, sporting a navy blazer, gray slacks and white polo). I loaded up and took my slug gun and 3 handguns to the range. started by firing off 9 slugs - I fired off 5 as...
  8. joesmo

    Inherited handgun Qs

    My wife received her fathers handgun after his passing. It is a S&W revolver, 5 shot, 38 special, 1.5" barrel. it is definately not new. My Q's: First: No one knows if her dad registered the handgun, he could have had it for 30yrs (more or less). What is the preocess of registering this...
  9. joesmo

    If stopped while driving...stupid Q time.

    If this has been answered many times, pelase lead me in the right direction. I like to be ready, and wondered what the proper second step is if I ever encounter a LEO while in posession. Per instructiion at my CCW class, I was tole to advice the LEO that I have a CPL and am in posession. If...
  10. joesmo

    My first Reloads

    Quite the sense of accomplishment. I'm liking this. powder was the hardest component to find, ended up with some Red Dot and Clays. Decided to load with the RedDot first. Loaded some at 4.7, some at 5.0grains. the 5.0 was definately snappier. I had 2 rounds that did not fire. primer was...
  11. joesmo

    powder for 45acp reloads

    Any insight appreciated. Seems that people are passionate about Bullseye, Unique, Winchester231, HodgdonHS6. someone just said to buy 1#'ers and try them out, which seems like good advice. But, OTOH, I know there are alot of smart people out here, wondering what your preference is and why?
  12. joesmo

    Shall I start to Reload?

    I know that buying walmart winchesterUSA 45acp ammo at 29.95/100 is plenty cheap, but there is a "creative" side that wants a new hobby. Shall I reload? So I go do Dillions website, and wow, their cheapest reloader, with the bare minimum will set me back about $700, before buying supplies...
  13. joesmo

    Ghost Rocket

    Anyone have any experience with this modification? Looks like it modifies reset distance along with the 3.5# trigger. Any comments appreciated.
  14. joesmo

    Concealed Carry and Vehicle

    I was reading about updated state laws, and i saw in one state that now if you have a CPL, you can lock your pistol in your vehicle legally. It sort of implied that there may be some states that I could be traveling in, that accepts my CPL, but I better not lock my pistol in my car. In...
  15. joesmo

    Impulse Purchase-1201FP

    Being the patriot I am, I am trying to do my part to stimulate the economy! (I gotta stay out of the stores. Bought a gun from the "used" rack. A never been fired Beretta 1201FP. I wasn't looking for a semi,because didn't want to spend the money. I know, I know, I should have purchased a...
  16. joesmo

    Concealment Clothing

    This is not meant to be an advertisement, so if I'm violating any rules, please edit the urls out of this. I'm still waiting for the kramer iwb holster for my G30, so checking into other option. I bought some underwear from "Masters of Concealment" website - pricey, but I bought a v-neck...
  17. joesmo

    Personal Protection Ammo- Help

    I'd like to hear your thoughts. I'm new to this so be gentle. I do appreciate your opinion. I friend told me to buy a small box of very expensive stuff. He cited reasons like the metal used, sealing, primers, etc.....said the reason was because it will sit in your mag for a LONG time, and...
  18. joesmo

    Subcompact results

    First, thanks to those that helped with suggestions. Now that I've put a number of rounds through the G30sf, I really like it. It feels almost the same as my G21sf. Thumb and 3 fingers are almost identical. I've attached 2 pictures of the 2 stacked, and it is obvious that most of these...
  19. joesmo

    Opinions Please on Sub Compact

    I hope this is an appropriate question for this place - but ya get good answers, ya come back with more questions.... I currently have a Glock 21sf. Love it, nice but too large to carry. Considering purchasing a G30sf for a number of reasons - one is it feels good in my hand. Any comment or...
  20. joesmo

    Stupid Newbie Question - other states

    If I read the map right, if I live in Michigan, then I can drive into Ohio and use my Michigan CPL with no problem, correct? What is the difference between "Honors Michigan Permit" and "Mi Res Permit Only" Thanks in Advance.