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    What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

    Beretta Nano. Very reliable. 900 trouble-free rounds now! Talen rubber grips and Trijicon night sights. Great EDC weapon!Link Removed Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk 2
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    This might sound like a stupid question but with the humidity skyrocketing here in the south, I need to know. I use a grease to lube the areas of my EDC weapon, a Beretta Nano, where there is friction. I find grease works better and doesn't drip or leak over time. But should I be lightly oiling...
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    Desantis Mag Packer

    I was wondering if this might work with my Beretta Px4 Compact 15-round magazines? Any thoughts?
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    M&P9c Front Sight Drift

    Wednesday I noticed my front sight had drifted to the left about 1/16", a considerable distance. So, using a brass punch to avoid marring the finish, I tapped it back into alignment with the muzzle. I went to the range early this morning and put sixty rounds through it and guess what? While...
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    Scary Situation in Walmart Parking Lot

    I was walking out of Walmart this morning (5am) and noticed a nefarious-looking gentleman leaning up again the wall right next to the entrance/exit. No biggie until, after about 10 steps into the parking lot, he started to what appeared to be following me. I kept a level head and thought things...
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    High Cap Mags?

    As it turns out at this moment, it looks like I may be relocating back to California for the first time in almost 10 years. Since I left, I've purchased some handguns with magazines that exceed the California cap of 10 rounds. If I end up there, do I have to get rid of my magazines and purchase...
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    M&P Accuracy?

    I recently read on another forum about people having accuracy problems with their M&P9. I have a M&P9c and can get 2" groups @ 7 yards. Anyone else having problems? ~ John
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    I call Decatur Home. Been shooting since I was a kid but only obtained my pistol license early last month.
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    Holding Criminal @ Gunpoint in AL

    I just found my answer. Link Removed I'll be honest, just because I can legally use deadly force doesn't mean I'm going to do so. I'd have to be absolutely sure what is going on before I would pull the trigger.
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    Holding Criminal @ Gunpoint in AL

    I'd like to know what I can and can't do in a situation where I'm witnessing a crime in progress (someone crawling out of a neighbor's window with her belongings, rape, etc.)? Obviously if there is an immediate threat to my life I can do what I have to preserve my life. But what about these...
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    S & W and Their Superior CS

    I recently purchased a M&P9c for CC. The weapon comes with two magazines, one with a pinkie extension and one without. I prefer the pinkie extension. I also purchased 3 extra magazines, all with no pinkie extensions. So i called S&W Friday and asked them where I might obtain four pinkie...