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  1. danfordman

    in Nevada a person can carry referred to as “open carrying.”

    in Nevada, a person can carry a loaded or unloaded firearm without a permit as long as that weapon is fully exposed. This is referred to as “open carrying.” Here's a link; Link Removed
  2. danfordman

    CCW Holder shot by LVMPD - Justified?????

    A West Point grad was shopping at Costco when a customer noticed he was carry a concealed weapon and called police. Las Vegas Police shot and killed the man. The family of the CCW holder said he was complying with police commands. You be the judge. here's the link: Link Removed
  3. danfordman

    new proposed law allowing CCW's across state lines

    Anyone have any good info on the new proposed assembly bill in front of the US senate that will allow CCW permit holders to carry in most states?