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    Outer Banks ranges

    We're going to Kitty Hawk in a couple weeks on vacation and thought it would be fun to do some target shooting while there. Does anyone know of any public ranges within a reasonable distance. I couldn't find any in my first Google search. Thanks
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    Great deal at Flashbang Holsters

    Flashbang holsters are running a promotion for 35% off your entire order until July 8. I ordered a Flashbang and an Ava and got 30-something dollars off. The promo code is FBsummer13 and the link is: Link Removed
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    New lady from Cleveland ,Ohio

    Just got my CCH license and hope to get lots of good holster tips from the ladies here. So far I have a Pistolwear PT-2 which is very comfortable but maybe not as secure as a regular holster. I also have a "Betty" holster on order but it'll take 2-5 weeks. Anyone have any experience with that one?