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  1. GeneralSumter

    Scenario Opinion

    Based on an actual scenario that happened this week: Link Removed "A man walked into the CVS at 1603 U.S. Highway 17 shortly after 12 noon, said police... the man handed the clerk a note that implied he was armed, but the clerk didn't see a weapon. He demanded a variety of controlled...
  2. GeneralSumter

    Man cleared in '04 death of off-duty deputy

    I bet this was an expensive legal battle... but what else do you do when a person comes in your yard with an AR15 and an attitude? It's unfortunate that he had to wait this long to be cleared of what seems to be an obvious self-defense shooting, even if it was against a state deputy. They're...
  3. GeneralSumter

    NR-NH CWP Received

    After submitting on May 22, 2009, I received my non-resident New Hampshire permit in the mail yesterday. 'Bout a week over 120 days. I won't be renewing for $100 though. So I'm good through 2014. We should be in full-blown revolution with the democrats by then, right? :help:
  4. GeneralSumter

    Gtown schools close loophole

    Schools close loophole allowing guns | Georgetown, SC - The Georgetown Times Based on the reporter, the local school districts can enact their own policies banning concealed weapons from even being locked in a compartment while on school property. Can they do that? Anybody know? I don't live...
  5. GeneralSumter


    Sorry for the delayed response. If you haven't made your decision, check out my album: Link Removed I have the service model with the full size grip and it is hidden very well. My CWP buddies have to ask if I'm carrying it. They carry compact guns and are amazed that I can carry my service...
  6. GeneralSumter

    Insult my wife

    Since JJ posted this as a scenario thread, the scenario of verbal insults DO NOT warrant any kind of action other than walking away. Carrying or not, you walk away because how do you know the instigator doesn't have a gun? Taking the scenario a step farther... what if the perp spits on your...
  7. GeneralSumter

    Stop a crook, get fired

    Glad I don't live in Seattle. For the record, I work at a financial institution and here are our three tactical goals, in order: 1. Safety and Soundness (money) 2. Customer service (customers) 3. Protect employee jobs (employees) If this teller were adhering to our goals, he acted in a way...
  8. GeneralSumter

    Positive First LEO experience

    LOL... i had a jeep like that. Sold it 2 years ago. It would do 65... downhill. Burned a quart of oil a month. But it was a superstar at 3 mph in low gear. Man I loved that jeep. Daughter cried when I sold it. :cray: Link Removed
  9. GeneralSumter

    Are You a Mall Ninja? (Quiz)

    Link Removed I'm 38% Mall Ninja, how 'bout you?
  10. GeneralSumter

    5.11 Trainer Belt - got one?

    Unless you're asking to see it on me: Link Removed
  11. GeneralSumter

    Charleston Movie Theater - no CnC

    Went to see Star Trek last night and had to take the walk of shame back to the truck after buying my ticket. They had valid signage posted on both entrances. It is the Regal 18 on Montague in North Charleston. I plan to avoid that theater at all costs now. Didn't I see a thread on here that...
  12. GeneralSumter

    5.11 Trainer Belt - got one?

    Does anybody have the 5.11 Tactical/Trainer belt? If so, how to do you like it for stiffness, firearm support, and size? The size says M: 32-34 L: 36-38. My pants are 34, but IWB stretches me to about 35. Didn't know if the belt runs small. I also don't want 10" of extra belt. Thanks.
  13. GeneralSumter

    SC Public Parks & Playgrounds

    Have had my CWP for about 3 weeks and have a question about public parks and playgrounds. The only code that seems to apply is: SECTION 16‑23‑420. Carrying or displaying firearms in public buildings or areas adjacent thereto. (A) It is unlawful for a person to carry onto any premises or...
  14. GeneralSumter

    Crossbreed Supertuck arrived today

    Agree, Percy. The retention seems loose, but when it curves to my body (3:30/4:00 position) it snugs it to the perfect amount. I uploaded pictures to my album on this site: Link Removed Give me a week and I'll let you know how much I love it. Really excited how it disappears when tucked...
  15. GeneralSumter

    Crossbreed Supertuck arrived today

    1 day less than the 3-week promise! Woo-hoo! Ordered via phone on 5/6, received 5/26. I was home on my lunch hour when the postman brought it. Didn't have time to change out of my dress pants, so I tried it on as is. It is surprisingly comfortable even in dress slacks and a narrow belt...
  16. GeneralSumter

    Crossbreed SuperTuck - Belt Question

    I ordered my CB ST last week and am wondering... will I need one of those super-stiff holster belts for it? I realize this may depend on the weight/size of the weapon. I have an XD40 service (4" barrel). Strong belt required? Any inexpensive suggestions? Thanks.
  17. GeneralSumter

    Life expectancy

    So is there an expected amount of rounds you'll put through your personal defense gun, your CC gun, before you decide it's time to put a new model in the holster? Yes, it should operate and shoot well for 20-30,000 rounds before maybe a barrel change is needed or a new firing pin, but is there...
  18. GeneralSumter

    How real is YOUR threat?

    I live in Hanahan, a suburb outside of the city of North Charleston, which is way up there on the worst crime cities in America: Link Removed. I live in an older neighborhood where 50% of the residents are retired. Yet, crime seems to be creeping closer and closer everyday. Let's put it...
  19. GeneralSumter

    Gun on boat

    In SC, you can carry your weapon, concealed or not, without a permit if you are a "Licensed hunters or fishermen while engaged in hunting or fishing or going to or from their places of hunting or fishing" Link Removed I also am in/out of the water so I wouldn't keep it on my side, but in a...
  20. GeneralSumter

    Don Hume 715 IWB for my XD

    So my buddy got his CWP in the mail on Saturday and I expect mine this week. In anticipation, I bought the Don Hume 715 IWB for my service XD40. I wish it had a forward cant, but it'll do for less than $30. I have 2 questions: Anybody have any experiences they'd like to share regarding this...