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    Police Kill FAMU Football Player For Seeking Their Help...

    This is ONE OF the most DISGUSTING stories yet. Former FAMU player Jonathan Ferrell killed by Charlotte police - After a car wreck an unarmed young black man was shot to death several times by Charlotte NC Law Enforcement.... WOW!
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    Would You Advise Someone To Open Carry In Detroit?

    Have you EVER run into ANY PROBLEMS while open carrying in Detroit?
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    KNOW where you CAN & CANNOT carry in Michigan!!!

    Places you CANNOT carry your firearm EVEN WITH a permit according to Michigan Law... 28.425o. Amended Premises on Which Carrying Concealed Weapon Prohibited; “Premises” Defined; Exceptions to Subsection (1); Violation; Penalties. 1. *Sch ools or school property but may carry in the while in a...
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    Element of surprise!

    It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to dress around your Firearm! DO NOT: 1. SAG your pants! Wear them AROUND your waist! 2. TUCK YOUR SHIRT IN YOUR PANTS! (unless you are open carrying) 3. Dress in LIGHT COLORED CLOTHES! (LIGHT clothes REVEAL, DARK clothes CONCEAL!) 4. Carry Firearms with a barrel...