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  1. jeffx

    Onondaga County pistol license upgrade to Full Carry APPROVED!

    Apparently it IS possible to get a full CARRY license in Onondaga County :D I submitted a new "proper cause" form (along with copies of a stack of training certificates attached) to the Pistol License Office last week, Judge Aloi promptly approved it, and I picked up my new license Friday. The...
  2. jeffx

    Anyone know of someone caught carrying outside their "sportsman" restriction?

    Anyone know of someone caught carrying outside their "sportsman" restriction? Has anyone ever heard of someone caught carrying outside of their "sportsman" or similar ridiculous and unconstitutional restriction? What were the repercussions if any? I have read in many places that there is no...
  3. jeffx

    NY Bill S04338/A04441 Personalized Firearms

    Could someone explain to me what lines 29-30 mean and how this would be even possible? "a firearm must be personalized so that it can be fired only when operated by that firearm's authorized use" And why haven't I heard about S04338 in any SCOPENY or NRA-ILA alerts?
  4. jeffx

    Courses that qualify for the FL CCW

    Should the Onondaga County 3 hour Handgun Safety Course/certificate meet the requirements for the FL CCW? I thought I would check with the knowledgeable folks here before calling. The certificate reads as follows: PUBLIC SAFETY TRAINING CENTER ONONDAGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE Be it known by these...