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  1. Smity

    Chet Wilson - "Protection in the Home" free presentation

    Hi All, It's been a while since I posted anything here, but I thought the NJ folks might be interested in a free presentation being sponsored by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. Chet Wilson (bio here: Link Removed) will be giving a free presentation on Protection in the Home, Monday...
  2. Smity

    Shall Issue Effort in NJ

    Hi All, It is me, Smity, again, continuing my effort to improve gun legislation. When an issue comes up, I post on many forums so I apologize for not being more social. Some of you may remember participating in the email campaign for right to carry on National Park land (over 80 million acres)...
  3. Smity

    Open Public Meeting, Gun Laws, Trenton, NJ

    To all within driving distance of Trenton, NJ: We have a one time opportunity to speak to Governor Corzine’s Handgun Task Force. The Handgun Task Force is going to review all NJ gun laws over the next 18 months (starting from July 27), starting with a review of the one-handgun-a-month law...
  4. Smity

    Right to Carry in National Parks

    Statistics Report: # of forums message was posted: 12 # of views 8604 # of posts 421 # of people who sent emails 102 Top 3 responding forums: 1. DefensiveCarry Concealed Carry Forum 32 2. 20 3a. Gun and Game 13 3b. USA Carry - Open and Concealed Carry Information and Community...
  5. Smity

    Right to Carry in National Parks

    Everyone, Many of you already no the details so I'll summarize: On January 9th, President Bush approved a change to the NPS (National Park System laws to allow concealed carry in national parks. On March 29th, the Brady Commission filed for an injunction to reverse the new law on the grounds...