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  1. Cowbilly32

    A Tough Question to Put in Words...

    I have seen videos where a person at the range will draw his/her weapon and hold it close to the chest before extending the arms to aim and shoot. After the shot(s) he/she will bend the elbows and bring it close to the chest again. What I would like to know is, does this technique have a name? I...
  2. Cowbilly32

    Attention Texas Residents!

    Bills are already being filed for the 2015 legislative session. I would like to encourage every Texas resident that reads this to consider contacting your state representatives and senators about the following. #1 Show support for the passage of open carry (even if you personally would not...
  3. Cowbilly32

    Shootings in "so called" Gun Free Zones

    Does anyone know where I can find statistics about the number of mass shootings that take place in a gun free zone? My goal is to find out the percentage. I am of the opinion that it is higher than most people (excluding members of this site) realize. Limiting information to just the United...
  4. Cowbilly32

    First Time Open Carry

    I live in Texas where open carry is not yet legal (but we are working on it). A couple of weeks ago I had business in Phoenix, Arizona and took my Glock with me. Knowing that Arizona is one of the friendliest open carry states in the nation, I decided to go ahead and do it...meaning open carry...
  5. Cowbilly32

    Travel From Texas To California

    Next month I will be traveling to Phoenix for business. Before coming home I may be going to Riverside, California to drop off my daughter at a friends. I know my CHL is good to the California border and I am aware that I can not carry in that state. I would like to know where to reference the...
  6. Cowbilly32

    So Scary Looking...

    She should be banned! :dance3: Link Removed
  7. Cowbilly32

    This Resident Really Understands The Meaning of The 2nd Ammendment!

    I want one of these too! Hmmm, I wonder if I have to go thru a FFL? Link Removed
  8. Cowbilly32

    DC man orders TV, gets assault rifle instead

    DC man orders TV, gets assault rifle instead - Yahoo! News This ought to boost TV sales on
  9. Cowbilly32

    Gun Discharges at Dallas WalMart

    Link Removed This is sure to fire up the gun grabbers. Hopefully Wally World Corporate won't over react to this bonehead!
  10. Cowbilly32

    Illinois' Quest For Concealed Carry

    Link Removed This is amusing. The tone of the linked article makes it seem that Illinois believes they are going down an uncharted path. Hey there Illinois...there are 49 examples on how it can be done! You are not inventing the wheel here.