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  1. Wesco

    open carry night

    Putting together a monthly get together with OC night at a local bowling alleys, ranges, parks, diners and other Pro2 businesses. I'm in Wa state, snohomish county, and am trying to get a feel of how many would be seriously interested. Would include discounts and various group pricing shoots...
  2. Wesco


    Looking at the Ruger LC9 for its size and portability mostly. Any feedback on this gun would be much appreciated!
  3. Wesco

    holster selection for Kimber Ultra carry II

    Any imput from experience preferable on a good IWB and strong side OWB holster for a Kimber Ultra carry II?
  4. Wesco

    Open Carry vs. CC - American Gun Owners

    I realize this post may not be what some of you thought it would be when you selected to open it up and read it. However, I think it may be good to remind some of you what we all are here for and what we all have in common. I have read, and seen so many of us posting topics either one way or...
  5. Wesco

    Under 21 over 18

    So my sister's husband is under 21 years old but is over 18 years old he is in the army and wants to purchase 1 of my hand guns via a private party sale in washington state is this legal? Having trouble finding clear enough facts and RCW s?
  6. Wesco

    Taliban attacks pakistan prison, free 400 inmates

    100 Taliban insurgents attacked a pakistan prison freeing some 400 taliban insurgents. taliban fighters battled guards for two hours using heavy automatic weapons before freeing the inmates. My question is this... If they battled for two hours where were the guards back up? Police ? Military...
  7. Wesco

    Top 10 Things not to go cheap on

    Read an article by Jason Hanson, thought I'd make my own top 10 things you just cant go cheap on. Had to keep TP, and Razors on the list... its just well... so true. I saw a list today... by a fellow USA Carry Member, on his top TEN things you just can't go cheap on... Decided I'd make my...
  8. Wesco

    What was supposed to be a just one good fellow helping another...

    I was driving around here in washington just on my way back from shooting down at the range. was OCing my kimber ultra crimson carry II .45, however it was late and getting cold so I put my coat on. (yes I have a permit). I was driving down the road when I noticed a disabled vehicle in the...
  9. Wesco

    Man killed while protecting son

    Man killed while shielding his 8 year old son from gunfire. makes me angry.
  10. Wesco

    Trouble finding accessories for my 1911

    Hello everyone, I wasn't sure quite where this should be posted so apologies if it is found somewhere else. I just purchased a Citadel 1911A1 .45 cal in the compact size. The gun is great considering you can pick them up for only $500.00 however I do not like the factory sights that came with...
  11. Wesco

    New Cabelas in marysville new

    Anyone know if they are mailing a grand opening ad or planning on attending as a group?
  12. Wesco

    S&W model 459 issues?

    just wondering if anybody knows any information on the old model 459 smith and wesson 9mm. I purchased it cheap from a buddy, when I fire it the manual thumb safety slips back into safe position between every shot so that you have to reset the manual thumb safety to hot before you can actually...
  13. Wesco

    Wa laws when it comes to firearm storage while at work

    Has anyone had an employer tell them they cannot keep there firearm in there vehicle while they are working? I had my legal firearm in a secured lock box out of site in my truck while I worked, was never an issue until I gave a co_worker a ride home and he saw and complained.
  14. Wesco

    Fellow WA, OR, ID, hunters.

    hello everyone I am a new hunter. I have been hunting for 2 years with very little to no luck. there are not many good places to go hunting here in washington without running into a hunter behind every tree I don't have any friends or family who hunt and I'm looking for hunting companions to go...
  15. Wesco


    Has always been very receptive and kind towards my carrying either open or not. They preferred CC but said if I opened carry it would most certainly not be an issue.
  16. Wesco

    Kimber Ultra Carry II CC holster

    hello everyone, I am a newbie here hailing from washington state. I recently purchased my first CC 45, a kimber ultra II 45 with the rosewood integrated crimson-L grip and I'm having trouble finding a good quality comfortable IWB holster. I typically carry IWB in what I believe is called a...