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    Time to vanish for a while....

    well, my friends, it is time for me to vanish for awhile. lost many of the gains i had made in my fitness gains when i got sick and during the winter. and i have got to try to make them up quick as i can and get back to combat readiness condition and also to work on my armed and unarmed combat...
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    going to buy a jimenez

    Right on!!! the CZ-82 is a great weapon. as is The Makarov. if money is a issue, it is for us, you CANNOT GO WRONG WITH THESE CHOICES. The P64 is good too. i gave mine to my brother as a gift. ol' knucklehead sold it:angry::angry::angry:
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    mineral oil?

    my gunsmith uses this to help clean and oil weapons. anybody else? he says it does a great job, not oily, and is cheap. i myself have not. i couldn't argue with the results though.
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    checking in....

    I have not been on the boards much lately. I have been spending and doing alot of work in the gym and working out and stuff. but i am off today. {hk would say i am off every day!:laugh:}
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    Martial Law coming to a city near you

    can't argue with that.... just trying to get people to understand that if it comes down to fighting, you need to be in the best possible condition you can get into. you need to learn to fight with all the weapons at your disposal. and remember this my friends... OLD AGE AND TREACHERY WILL...
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    WORKOUT OF THE DAY 2009 pt.2!

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    WORKOUT OF THE DAY 2009 pt.2!

    i could not find the original thread so here we go. GET OFF YOUR BEHINDS AND GET SOME P.T. IN!! i will catch this up a little bit. LAST WEEK: deck of cards isometrics THIS WEEK: L.A.P.D. ACADEMY WORKOUT- going to use this for the forseeable future. COMBATIVES-ARMED AND UNARMED. C'MON YOU...
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    Workout of the day 2009

    OK, this is for 2 or 3 reasons 1. post what you actually did. describe the workout 2. inspiration and ideas for P.T. 3 ACCOUNTABILITY- taking the day off like a regular rest day or are you just sitting on yer butt because you were feeling lazy? remember: somebody somewhere is training to kill...
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    CZ-82 Accessories?

    does anybody know of a source for stuff for this weapon?
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    Thank God!! Bond is Back!!

    the family and i are going to see the new BOND movie at the drive in tomorrow night!!!!:big_boss:
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    obstacle course?

    how about some ideas for a backyard obstacle course? when i was in the guard and at the police academy, we had to run some courses navigate some obstacles and shoot bad guys. i am limited in time and space these days, but any and all ideas will be appreciated as long as they do not begin with...
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    To My Friends.....

    with the election of the marxist to the highest office in the land, it is time {actually way past time} to double and triple my efforts to prepare myself and my family and as much as i can my friends for the trying times ahead. Therefore,to the consternation of some and joyous rapture for...
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    We have a marxist 4 president. Now what?

    now that i have had a few days to think about this, here is what i am going to do. 1.redouble my P.T. efforts{and the diet!} 2. keep preparing.put away some water yesterday as a matter of fact. 3. keep training .keep shooting. keep learning. fightinh hand to hand, knives, guns, living in the...
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    Congratulations, america!!!

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    Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out “Crowd Control

    nah... not here.. Link Removed crowd control....right.
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    Boris gets a new weapon!!

    i bought a CZ-82 with HK's help the other day. i fired it and I LOVE IT!!! you guys and gals don't know it, but you need one. very,very badly. BAD GUYS BEWARE!!!!:triniti::ph34r:
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    Britain is in TROUBLE!!!!!

    i just read a article from The Times in Britain that the nation has adopted SHARIA LAW. WHERE THE HECK IS 007 WHEN YA NEED HIM? :triniti: oh well, i am sure C-L can do something..... sorry i did not get the link as my mind could not grasp the enormity of it. i found the link through fox...
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    favorite music?

    thought i would liven up the mood and ask you what you listened to. here is my favs in no particular order: 1.The Beatles{ pre 1967...mostly} 2.The Incomparable Marty Robbins 3. anything from the 50's, especially The Platters and The Everlys 4.Hank,Jr. 5.old fashion southern gospel music, quartets.
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    New Link!!! Great Info!!!

    Link Removed take a look some real good info here!!!
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    my uncle a retired Houston Police Officer sent this to me.....

    Subject: Random Thoughts (If for some reason you don't get the picture below; Thomas Sowell is a black man.) The article below was written by syndicated columnist, Thomas Sowell. He wrote it in a humorous way this past week in a column titled "Random Thoughts" and published it in...