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  1. J

    My 5 year old loves shooting.

    I have a CO2 BB pistol we took out behind the garage to punch holes in paper and tear up some Coke cans. Believe me, he's capable of both. I think he'll be getting a pump BB rifle soon, and he'll have to try out my Marlin .22.
  2. J

    "Community Activists" march in support of Oakland cop killer.

    I guess they like defending punk-*** kiddie rapists if they kill cops. Link Removed I'll save my pity for the families of the police officers, and my hollow points for the punks like this.
  3. J

    How many are enough?

    Pistols, that is. Right now my wife and I each have a medium to compact gun for carry (Cougar .40 and Taurus Millenioum 9mm) and each have a pocket pistol for backup (Ruger LCP .380 and Seecamp .32). Add in a Beretta Neos .22 for practice. She thinks we have enough, I think we have a good...