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  1. longnkrnchgm

    carry gun for women

    What is the most popular carry gun for women? Trying to help my wife choose one.
  2. longnkrnchgm

    circle K

    Local circle k stores in north Louisiana have signs that say no guns allowed in the store. They make them very small about 4" X 4" and post them in very hard to see places. It is state law to abide by these signs, so, I consider this method of signage as a form of entrapment. Anyway I'm sure...
  3. longnkrnchgm

    open carry in Louisiana

    Can anyone tell me precisely what the OC laws are in Louisiana? I have a ccl but an curious about OC.
  4. longnkrnchgm

    450 bushmaster

    Anyone have experience with thumper? Got mine about a month ago and find really accurate. Will start reloading as my brass builds up. Anyone have any good load data?