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  1. Xader

    Lightest possible cover jacket

    Consider looking into mesh motorcycle jackets. Some come without built-in armor and may suit your needs. Link Removed seems to have removable armor pads, so it may be an option. Good price right now, too.
  2. Xader

    Oregon CHL scan thread.

    Wasco County Issued 2008 Plastic; similar to Oregon drivers license 8-digit license number. Watermark of Sheriff star in middle. Back blank. Link Removed
  3. Xader

    Fred Meyer Policy

    Several months ago, I sent an email to the Fred Meyer Corp, requesting their policy on carry an Fred Meyer stores. Here is the reply from the Director of Public Affairs. So it seems their policy is about equal to that of Wal-Mart, etc.
  4. Xader

    Pro-Nonres CHL sheriff!

    This just in from the Oregon Firearms Federation!
  5. Xader

    Oregon University System attacking our rights!

    From The Oregon Firearms Federation: OFF
  6. Xader

    Oregon Castle Doctrine

    Basically, this is the golden rule of SD shootings. A reasonable person must determine that there is a legitimate and immediate threat of loss of life or serious injury. This, on the other hand, is not precisely true. Oregon has NO duty to retreat. Legally and practically, it would be prudent...
  7. Xader

    Motorcycle Carry

    This may be better answered if you try posting in the Nevada-specific forum or the one on Travel. They would be more knowledgeable on NV law than the rest of us... Nevada Discussion and Firearm News Or Link Removed
  8. Xader

    Where Do You Score Politically?

    Link Removed
  9. Xader

    It seems... Chuck Norris agrees...

    Link Removed NUFF SAID...
  10. Xader

    Two negitive stories about guns in the news

    HA! :sarcastic: A quote from the story: Unlucky? She doesn't look too bad! He would have enjoyed the aftermath of robbing me much less...:butcher: