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    Threat against Kalamazoo College to "teach the value of campus carry"

    But No Where in that article or anywhere else does it say it CAN'T happen. That alone should be justification for prohibiting carry or ownership by anyone.
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    Bill Would Let Legal Gun Owners Carry Weapons Around Country

    I think I'm beginning to understand. It's kind of like the Fed sticking their noses into the states right to enforce segregation. If a state doesn't want Negro's to be allowed to go to the same school as Caucasian's then it should be alright. And does that extend to Cities rights to "local...
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    New CPL holder. A few Questions

    Yup... Congratulations on your permit. Being from MI also I hope I can help with MI laws. No, jusy someone seeing your gun is not brandishing. Basicaly you have to threaten someone with it. Also, no law against printing. In fact, open carry is legal and with a CPL, you can even carry in most gun...
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    Non defensive shooting in Kalamazoo, MI

    We have updated that law...... Link Removed Now you can defend yourself anyplace you have a legal right to be.
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    Need to Notify????

    Is there anyplace on the net that has a list of the states that require you to notify police you have a permit & are armed when stopped. I will be taking a trip soon through 7 states & would like to find the info in one place rather then go to each states home page & try to find the gun laws...