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    What would you do?

    OK, here's a good philosophical question for everyone. I know what most of you will say without thinking, but please carefully consider all the details before responding. Situation: you work at a company that's adamantly against carrying firearms on campus. Company policy clearly states that...
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    Sure, this will stop the criminals

    Movie theaters to start checking purses & bags: Link Removed
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    Another reason to ban guns?

    Maybe if they ban guns, this wouldn't happen, right? Missing Flint Police Guns Used In Crimes Statewide |
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    Police: Court officer accidentally shoots own hand
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    There are idiots, then there's this man...

    Wow, just wow: Link Removed
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    Ooops. Warning for clothes wearers

    Video's a little hokey, but a good heads up for those that carry one in the pipe.
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    Ooops, so much for that.

    Man kills himself while explaining gun safety to his wife. Link Removed
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    To open carry or not...

    A little background: I've been mulling over the open carry vs. concealed carry for a long time. I've finally come to my own conclusion on the pros and cons. I must admit I'm writing this because of the outrage over the Starbucks letter. I've always carried concealed, because I don't want to...
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    How would you handle this situation?

    Just curious how you would handle this situation. Link Removed
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    Yes Illinois!!!

    General Assembly overrides governor's veto of concealed carry bill -
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    Trojan virus on this site?

    While visiting this site the last couple days, both of my anti-virus protection programs are catching a trojan virus attempting to download. Just wanted to make the site owners and everyone in here aware. If you don't have a program to prevent this from installing on your computer, I suggest you...
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    Finally Illinois!

    Link Removed
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    Wish we could have idiot-proof checks for gun owners...

    Unbelievable how stupid some gun owners are. Makes us all look bad... Link Removed
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    Workplace weapon ban: what would/do you do?

    Just got a new job and they have a strict gun ban, stating all weapons are prohibited "unless authorized by the state." How is that to be interpreted? Only LEOs can carry? If you have a ccw, that's an authorization by the state? Not only that, but weapons aren't even allowed on the property...
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    Scared others while CCing

    Had to get a drug test for a new job. Never thought that my CC would be a problem. I was wrong. They took me back to a room where I was greeted by 2 young ladies. The first thing they had me do is take off my jacket and empty my pockets. Of course, I knew that was going to be a problem. My...
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    Being adamant about not providing info. when asked

    First, I'd like to say that I TOTALLY understand and agree with the fact that we all have rights and don't want to lose them. However, I keep seeing many posts about how an officer confronts someone open carrying and the person refuses to cooperate. I saw another post about a hotel asking...
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    Fun CC carry story- stopped by cop

    I got in a fight with my wife, got in the car and just drove. I'm in Michigan and ended up past Sandusky, OH. Was pulled over by a cop at around 1am. After letting him know I was carrying, the conversation went like this: Cop: "Where are you going tonight?" Me: "Nowhere." Cop: "Where are you...
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    Taurus PT 111 Millennium misfire

    Has anyone had problems with this gun? I bought some cheap ammo and had a few misfires. Not sure if it was just the ammo or the gun.