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  1. krazyk

    can I gat a chl with three charges but no convitions

    I was wondering if you have recently been charged with two class A misdemeanors and one 3rd degree felony but al charges were dismissed with out paying any fines or having the charges deferred, just plain dropped. can you still get a CHL???:confused::confused:(sorry for the miss spelling in the...
  2. krazyk


    I HAVE A NEW rG38 SPL :to_pick_ones_nose:any body know any thing about this gun?Where is it made? I would think Germany. How much dose it run? I looked it up but found vary little info on it . it's a heavy duty little gun.shot it yesterday with ease, found ammo for it and that was amazing they...
  3. krazyk

    Weird LEO encouter

    This is crazy I went to go to the store yesterday and just started the truck put the truck in gear and I start to take off when out from behind a car comes a guy and his dog so I stop and waited for the guy to get his dog. when he cleared the way I took of and herd him say to slow down ,when I...
  4. krazyk

    Department of Homeland Security Investigating Large Ammunition Purchases

    Gunmakers can thank a former New York senator and presidential candidate for an ongoing boom in gun sales, if you ask one local firearms vendor.George Nemec, owner of Nemec’s Sport Shop & Farm & Garden Center in Warrensburg, said gun sales at his business began to increase about two years ago...
  5. krazyk

    To carry or Not?

    I'm waiting on my chl and dont know weather i should carry or not. any advice would be great.What would you do?:redface:
  6. krazyk

    Rehberg Fights to Protect Veterans from Federal Prosecution

    This week, U.S. Representative Denny Rehberg (R-MT) urged Congress to pass H.R. 442 -- the "Veterans' Heritage Firearms Act" that he introduced in early January. The legislation would provide a limited amnesty period for veterans who served overseas before 1968. During the amnesty period, the...
  7. krazyk

    What would you have done if Fort Worth became New Orleans?

    this was sent to me by email, people are just now hearing about this :cray: I never even knew they were going around confiscating guns after Katrina if someone hadn't posted the link, and I would have not believed it just reading about it in the paper, if it ever even made the paper, without...
  8. krazyk

    It seemsGlenn Beck has been taught well

    Glenn Beck's "An Inconvenient Debt" Glenn Beck explains briefly what our government and the Federal Reserve has done to our dollar, the economy and future generations, Al Gore Style. YouTube - Glenn Beck: The Inconvenient Debt: A Detailed Look at the Latest Monetary Base Figures
  9. krazyk

    Forbes Publisher's Advice to Obama

    Forbes publisher, Rich Karlgaard's economic commentary giving advice to prez Obama. :triniti:
  10. krazyk

    Protests bring down Iceland’s government

    :offtopic: I just read this and thought maybe we could do the same and run the Neo-con's out of office:dance3: The government of Iceland became the first to be driven out of office in this recession by a wave of popular protest this week. Weeks of demonstrations forced prime minister Geir...