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    Colorado Concealed Carry

    Bersa, As it stands now you are out of luck. Because of politics, sensationalism, etc., there are a lot of people like you that are not allowed to exercise their right of self defense in Colorado. The only option available is to move to another state that has reciprocity with Colorado. Then...
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    Wyoming and North Carolina Reciprocity

    Does anyone know why reciprocity was lost between NC and Wyoming? I spend some time in Wyoming each year and now have to go a head and get my Utah permit so I can carry there. Just curious so I can work to change it. I wrote to both states and have not received any answers. thanks.
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    NC AG Reference Guide

    OUtdated Bruce333, Sorry but the link you have is outdated. It is easy to do because there are three different dated documents on various NC web sites. The latest or most current is located at Link Removed