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  1. cmhbob

    Non-Resident License

    In 2010, I received my PA NR LTC (from Centre County) based on my Ohio CCW. In September 2011, we moved from Ohio to Oklahoma, thus invalidating my Ohio CCW. Was my PA LTC also invalidated at that point? I have not yet applied for or received an OK permit.
  2. cmhbob

    Off-Duty Detroit Police Shooting

    Can't wait to hear how this one plays out. Off-duty Detroit cop, carrying a department-issue .40 cal S&W (model, anyone?) in some sort of belt holster, dancing with his wife at a party. Another woman comes up behind him, hugs him. Weapon fires, hitting the second woman in the chest. She...
  3. cmhbob

    Metcalf Gun Shows Whining to Their Competition

    So there's a new gun show promoter in town, by the name of Link Removed. He promises "No beanie babies, candles or flea market items allowed." He's gotten tired of all of that kind of stuff at what's supposed to be a gun show. Table prices are reasonable, and he charges $6 at the door, or $5 for...
  4. cmhbob

    Smallest Effective Caliber for Self-defense

    What is the smallest caliber gun you trust to protect yourself? My personal favorite defense gun has always been a Beretta Jetfire in 22 short. Over all the years I've been hiking I never leave without it in my pocket. Of course we all know too the first rule when hiking in the wilderness is...
  5. cmhbob

    "The Ethics of Going Armed"

    Great, great piece on the philosophical aspects of armed self-defense. The high point: This is a good piece to point people to when they ask "Why should someone want to carry a gun? There's a linked piece there as well about situational awareness that's a good reminder.
  6. cmhbob

    Entertainment Night

    It was entertainment night at the Senior Citizen Center. Claude the hypnotist explained: "I'm here to put you into a trance; I intend to hypnotize each and every member of the audience." The excitement was almost electric as Claude withdrew a beautiful antique pocket watch from his coat. "I...
  7. cmhbob

    Clarifications, Please

    I'll be spending the day traveling through Missouri next week. I have a PA non-resident permit, and I've read Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Information. Under prohibited places, it lists "bars" and "Government owned buildings except public housing." What's the definition of "bar" here? Does...
  8. cmhbob

    Mag Pouch on SmartCarry

    Smartcarry users, what are you using to keep your spare mag high enough to reach it? I've carrying a Kimber Pro Carry with 8-round Chip McCormick mags, and the spare mag disappears into the mag pouch. The documentation with the holster suggests safety pins or stuffing cloth down into the...
  9. cmhbob

    Recess Appointments

    Wanted to put Recess Appointments in perspective. I know there's controversy about the recent recess appointment of Richard Cordray to head the new consumer protection agency. Putting the constitutionality of the agency aside, the appointment itself was constitutional. Not only that, Obama is...
  10. cmhbob

    Shot and Robbed At The Range

    A 74-year-old man was shot this week at a range here in OK. he was left for dead, and his guns and gun caddy were stolen. Local coverage: Retired Veteran Shot Multiple Times At Wagoner County Shooting R - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - | Link Removed...
  11. cmhbob

    Dave Ramsey Talks To The 99 Percent

    This commentary nails it squarely.
  12. cmhbob

    Military Funeral Protocol

    I'm just heading this one off at the pass.
  13. cmhbob

    OT: Book Research

    I'm trying to do some research for a novel I'm writing. One of the main characters grew up in Detroit, and his dad is a firefighter there. I need some background on the city and DFD. Anyone up to trading a few emails?
  14. cmhbob

    Restaurant Carry in effect

    As of today, barring any "No Guns" signs, you are free to carry in a D permit establishment, but must not consume any alcohol while carrying. Thanks to OFCC for their continued efforts to reform Ohio's self defense laws. OPFCC's summary, with a nice PDF file to share: Link Removed My...
  15. cmhbob

    Looking for Work?

    Alan Korwin's Page Nine newsletter had a link to the NSSF member job board.
  16. cmhbob

    Brady Whining About Missing Guns They say manufacturers can't account for almost 17,000 guns manufactured over the last three years. BATFE says about 5 million guns were made in 2008. Doing the math over three years gives us a rate of .0011 missing guns, or...
  17. cmhbob

    Federal Court Rules on Recording Cops

    As it should be, in favor of the plaintiff. Recording public officials in the performance of there duties is indeed a First Amendment right.
  18. cmhbob


    Hope our East Coast members are safe and dry.
  19. cmhbob

    A Few Relocation Questions

    Howdy all, I'm soon relocating to your fair state, in the Muskogee area. I have an Ohio resident permit and a PA non-resident permit. As I read the maps, I'm okay to carry on the PA non-resident until I get my OK permit, subject to OK laws, correct? Technically the Ohio permit is revoked as...
  20. cmhbob

    Social Media and Civil Unrest

    The UK called on Blackberry to shut down the Blackberry Information Service during the recent riots there. SF BART shut off cellular service recently at four stations due to threats of civil unrest. Mashable has a good article about why censoring social media at times like that is never the...