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  1. venator

    Open carry legal in Michigan

    See this link, Link Removed Was posted July 4th. That's just one. You don't seem to post much on anymore.
  2. venator

    Open carry legal in Michigan

    I have added a general information page with lots of stuff on open carry in Michigan at Link Removed Did a count of the cities that our members have OCed in, many in large urban areas. The myth that open carry only occurs in the “sticks” is being dispelled daily. Allen Park Alpena Battle...
  3. venator

    Michigan Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information

    Well, we have a member (with CPL) that open carries at a Flint area high school with no problems. We have others that open carry in bars in the Detroit metro area, so it is being done. Most of the restricted areas are private property and they can restrict guns at will. Education is the...
  4. venator

    Hillsdale Co. Court allows concealed carry

    Hillsdale County Courthouse to allow Concealed Carry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since this deals with courtrooms I thought I's put it on here. It's a start, be interesting to see what happens. Link Removed By Thomas Marcetti, Staff...
  5. venator

    Open carry legal in Michigan

    Here is the info we handout to those that want to learn more about open carry in Michigan. A CPL holder can both carry concealed or openly. Check out the infomation below. YOU CAN OPENLY CARRY A HANDGUN IN MICHIGAN* 1) Any law abiding citizen of the State of Michigan who owns a safety...