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  1. Ektarr

    Finally here!!

    Well, after 13 or 14 years of dreaming and planning, we finally made the move! Bought ourselves a lovely home in Taylors and was lucky enough to land a job in Greer, and we're finally here, and here to stay! Thanks for a Great State! Great climate, both meteorologically as well as politically...
  2. Ektarr

    Canada's Confiscation Laws

    It's 10 years this year since Canada's "C-68"...the Firearms Control Act...went into effect. There was a terrible uproar over it and everyone (gun person) in Canada was "up in arms", so to speak, but what ever became of it? What were the lasting results and where do they stand up there now...
  3. Ektarr

    Any Interest....?

    I'm a Zogby respondent. Have been for years. Got another survey tonight which I just completed and at the end - again - they post: "Ask Someone You Know To Join Send someone an email invitation to join the Zogby panel. They will get an email with this link Zogby International asking them to...
  4. Ektarr

    Are there any Premitted Motorcyclist out there???

    Hoot, I read it all but I don;t see where you ever got an answer to this question. Maybe you've found it for yourself by this time, but - if not - try these links... Guntee Link Removed 5.11 Tactical Holster Shirt Link Removed Link Removed There are others, but these will give you the...
  5. Ektarr

    Medal of honor to be awarded

    Congratulations to him and unending gratitude for his Service (and yours). I always get a lump in my throat when I see MOH recipients...they're a rare breed, and represent what the very best of the best among us bring to the table when the SHTF. Almost to a man, though, they'd tell you that...
  6. Ektarr

    Would you do it?

    Oooohh!! I WANT one!! Link Removed Now, the question is: .40? Or .45? 9mm is out of the question for me...I don't need yet another caliber to keep track of. Personally, I'm leaking toward .45 as a companion to my 1st choice sidearm, but I think - if/when TSHTF - .40 will be a lot more...
  7. Ektarr

    Arizona Ruling Illegal?!?

    Link Removed Explosive new evidence shows ruling of AZ judge illegal In a stunning development that could potentially send the nation into a Constitutional crisis, an astute attorney who is well-versed in Constitutional law states that the ruling against the state of Arizona by Judge Susan...
  8. Ektarr

    Check it out for yourself...

    The congress socialist party list. Watch your vote! Congresspersons Who Are Members of the Democratic Socialist Party According to the Congressional Progressive Caucus, 70 members of the U. S. Congress belong to the Democrat Socialists of America. Perhaps more importantly, 11 of them are on...
  9. Ektarr

    South Carolina Hang Your Heads In Shame - RINO Lindsey Graham Sells You Out Again !!!

    thecemanmpls aka Rude Troll Boy, I thought this was the Politics forum. Do you pay attention to where you're trolling? Just wondering. Link Removed
  10. Ektarr

    EXCELLENT!! You Go, Utah!!

    Let's hear it for having the guts to stand up! Utah Turns Tables on Uncle Sam
  11. Ektarr

    Just Wonderin'...

    So where are all the "Save the Gulf" concerts...?? Where are the TV benefits with celebrities and musicians giving heart felt speeches on the poor fishermen, wildlife, beaches, loss of income and sabotaged gulf economy?? I find it rather strange how these people (including our own government)...
  12. Ektarr

    WHERE will it end?!?

    Anybody care to hazard a guess as to the roots of THIS particular protest?? Protesting ENGLISH!
  13. Ektarr

    Maybe it's just me, but . . .

    ...does anyone else here see a resemblance? Link Removed
  14. Ektarr

    One vet to another vet

    Thanks to all of you, who carried...and continue to carry...the heavy load for all of us. I served during Viet Nam - '65 to '69 - but didn't have the honor of being allowed to serve alongside you who were in-country. Tried three times but I guess they were concerned I might start an...
  15. Ektarr

    Progressives Attempt to Make Church and State One and the Same

    Reuters Heritage Foundation Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Huffington Post Book Advertisement Link Removed Link Removed ======================= There's much more, of course, but I'm sure you know how to do your own searches. In consideration of what I perceive as your...
  16. Ektarr

    Arizona responds to LA boycott

    I can see it all now . . . Link Removed CURSES!! Foiled Again!!
  17. Ektarr


    JJ, got a coupl'a signs for you for your perimeter fence . . . Link Removed
  18. Ektarr

    Close call on the scoot

    Can I play? 62 years old (don't wear the earrings [4] because of the job, shaved my dome until 1/1/10 [SHE's making me grow it back!! :angry: Goatee stays! ), '05 FLSTC Heritage I call "The Beast" - 96", 203 cams, race tuner, dyno'd, Thunderheader pipes, and my favorite thing is setting off...
  19. Ektarr

    Received via E-mail today...

    I thought, given the recent activity in New York, it was timely to pass it along. We should remember that, prior to WWII, Germany was at the tip of the spear in terms of sophistication, political leadership, and the arts and sciences. It was, basically, what America purports itself to be...
  20. Ektarr

    Judge Declares Prayer Unconstitutional - Here's What You Can Do

    Still trying to turn a day of Observance into a Legal Holiday. Not the same. However... While this is pertinent to New Jersey and doesn't (necessarily) apply to the rest of the country, a quick Google Link Removed turned up the following celebrations, which represent Religious Holidays...