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  1. unevrno

    A request

    Hi, Everyone! I have a favor to ask. I have entered a design for an aircraft paint scheme for my favorite videogame series, Ace Combat’s upcoming new title, Assault Horizon. According to the advertising, the winner will get his (or her) design...
  2. unevrno

    2010? Not again!

    As a result of a discussion in Gun, the following is submitted for your use. It is meant to engender a rallying cry for the elections coming up next year, when we must, once again, take back our legislative branch from those who would use it to pass anti-firearms legislation. Just...
  3. unevrno

    Canadian teen can teach Americans a thing or two

    Check out this Canadian girl's pro gun videos YouTube - kateysfirearmsfacts's Channel OK, that's the meat of the topic. Now, I'm gonna tell you why you should do this. Why should you pay attention to this girl? She's a Canadian, what could she know about firearms rights? Canada banned...