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    South Carolina: Governor Nikki Haley Signs into Law Concealed Carry Reform Bill

    A great day for us in South Carolina. Our legislators have been working for the last several years on getting rid of the ridiculous ban on restaurant carry. Thanks Governor Haley! :triniti: NRA-ILA | South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Signs into Law Concealed Carry Reform Bill Today, Governor...
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    Nonresident Florida CCW Permit Has Arrived

    The form is on this page (search for the word 'Concealed' on that page): Forms / Forms & Publications / Home - Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services A direct link to that form is here: Link Removed
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    South Carolina: House Subcommittee Passes Two NRA-Backed Firearms Bills!

    South Carolina: House Subcommittee Passes Two NRA-Backed Firearms Bills! Yesterday, the South Carolina House General Laws Subcommittee approved two NRA-backed bills, both of which would make a number of significant improvements for firearms owners and dealers in the Palmetto State. Both bills...
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    The Open Carry Argument

    DEAR READER: Yet again, for perhaps the tenth time in this thread alone, GOV5 ^^^^^ is giving bad information laced with his assumptions. It has only been about a week since the last time he did this on this exact subject. You may want to consider this whenever reading GOV5's advice in the...
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    The Open Carry Argument

    Not quite correct. I assume you are talking about a traffic stop, but it makes no difference. If you are carrying a concealed weapon AND the LEO BOTH informs you he is a LEO AND asks for ID or Drivers License, "a permit holder must inform a law enforcement officer of the fact that he is a permit...
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    Future of California gun control...

    For your amusement, or horror...
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    sighting in my new 308

    For "average" .308 Winchester, 150 grain (for deer, right), just sight it in 1.25" low at 25 yards. You'll be deer-accurate all the way to 280 yards. That equates to sighting in dead on at 240 yards, or 2" high at 100 yards. Like (the wise) OldOwl said, point-blank range is a good way to sight...
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    Bear attack...

    The Pope took a couple of days off to visit the rugged mountains of Alaska for some sightseeing. He was cruising along the campground in the Pope Mobile when there was a frantic commotion just at the edge of the woods. A helpless democrat, wearing sandals, shorts, a 'Vote for Obama' hat and a...
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    SC now has CWP reciprocity with DE

    Glad to be of service. :biggrin: You are right, SLED is tasked by law to list and publish reciprocal states. Who is charged with deciding which state is reciprocal? Based on reading the law, it looks like it is simply defined in that paragraph. If a state requires a background check and safety...
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    Travel to Alaska

    WRONG! No offense RetiredNak, just want our readers to know the facts and the law, regardless of what the postal employee behind the counter says. I know you were talking about postal regulations; but this is restricted by Federal Law. You can send ONLY the parts of the gun that are not...
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    SC now has CWP reciprocity with DE

    Just for the readers' FYI, SLED does not make law in SC, and who we have reciprocity with is determined by very clear language of law. Even though SLED is tasked with determining which states qualify for reciprocity, they have very little wiggle room on requirements. By law, we cannot have...
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    Inform the officer or not when concealed carry?

    Technically NOT required to notify that you are carrying in SC. You ARE requried to present your Concealed Weapons Permit if you are carrying; but you are not required in any way to discuss whether you are carrying, what you are carrying, where you are carrying, etc. For all the officer knows...
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    LEO Right to disarm legal Concealed Carrier?

    The discussion on what folks would do if pulled over when carrying concealed has me wondering in what states the LEO can legally disarm a citizen who is legally carrying a firearm. It is my opinion that unless there is specific language in the law of your state, it is not legal for a LEO to (1)...
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    Remington 700

    NEVER BEEN REPRODUCED: Remington's response to hit piece... "Both Remington and experts hired by plaintiff attorneys have conducted testing on guns returned from the field which were alleged to have fired without a trigger pull, and neither has ever been able to duplicate such an event on guns...
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    Transporting handgun in SC

    Read and heed, my fellow SC brother: Link Removed SECTION 16-23-10. Definitions. (10) “Luggage compartment” means the trunk of a motor vehicle which has a trunk; however, with respect to a motor vehicle which does not have a trunk, the term “luggage compartment” refers to the area of the...
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    What pocket holster do you use for a ruger lcp?

    "Wallet Guns" are on the list of "any other weapons" at BATFE. See clarification of law on pages 5-6 here: Link Removed However, some companies claim to have letters of clarification that their holsters are legal, because the firearm is not concealed within the wallet. In the pictures in the...
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    What pocket holster do you use for a ruger lcp?

    I don't keep my hand in my pocket. My pocket IS my holster, and it covers the trigger. :biggrin:
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    What pocket holster do you use for a ruger lcp?

    A slow read of the attorney general's publication on concealed carry shows that you only need a holster if all of the following apply: carrying (1) loaded, (2) in vehicle, and (3) on your person. :redface: Link Removed
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    What states have mandatory ID check?

    Thank you, my Brother. I've got the CWP ID requirements memorized, but was wondering what the laws were for standard "stop and identify". Glad to know SC does NOT have "stop and identify" laws. Of ciourse, since I carry 99% of the time, I'll need to stop and identify and inform. :biggrin:
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    What states have mandatory ID check?

    In what states MUST you PRESENT ID to a police officer if asked? I would like to know when you must present ID in SC. I know during a traffic stop, but when else? Where are the specific laws and statuates? Is there a website that has this information for all states?