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    I Like Guns

    Absolutely first class entertainment. He ought to have his own TV show. May I suggest he contact the NRA and invite himself to the next convention. He'd play to a packed house. He could replace one of those tired politico guest speakers.:pleasantry:
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    Cold War Service Medal Act of 2009 (Introduced in Senate)

    Surely is a pokitical ploy. There are untold millions of vets who would get it. Just about everybody who was in the service after WW2. Kind of reminds me of the first medal I got in the Air Force after rifleman. Even if you couldn't hit the target the DI would have you punch...
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    Cop Shoots BG 22 times with a .40 and hits him 17 times COM but BG still shoots Cop..

    Thanks For a very inspiring. educational look at a real hero. Folks like this are becoming as rare as the plague. Somehow, we need to convince Mr and Mrs America that the only way to turn this country around is to take the initiative and act like we care.:moil:
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    Man Sets Self on Fire During Stunt to Impress Date

    "Light a fire, Fight a liar, its all the same in existence".(Jack Kerouac)
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    Talking about excessive!

    Rank as in stink Must be getting old... I used to think that $200 dollar toilet seats were extravagant when Proxmire was watchdog over the Senate.. Now that the Chiefs secret is out, maybe he'll get mugged.:moil::girl_wacko:
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    Guy with no CWP drops gun, shoots bystander

    This guy is a real "Brady" supporter.:thank_you2:
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    Democracy in Action

    Ms Rice :help::help::angry::sad:Through this whole MF election sequence I hoped the Republicans would've had enough sense to put forth Ms Rice. I'm sure the offer was tendered just because it makes so much sense; shes the smartest , wisest, most experienced person in the government. But heres...
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    Mad gunman kills three swimmers

    Unfortunately, even if you are carrying and kook runs out of the woods firing directly at you. you;re probably dead before your hand touches the grip. Whatever happened to the good old punch in the nose?