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    Question about my wife and her work place in PA

    Hello All, I have a question for PA CCW permit holders. My wife works in the Pittsburgh area for a place that is classified by the state as a school. It is in fact a facility for the mentally and physically handicapped. They live there and have some schooling, and various activities are set...
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    Open carry in your vehicle in WV?

    I think that I know the answer to this question, but will ask it anyway. I want to know if while traveling in your vehicle, you can open carry? By open carry I mean to have the pistol laying out on the seat beside you. I have to be dressed up on the way to work and I cannot carry my pistol into...
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    Open carry in your vehicle?

    I live in the northern panhandle of WV and work at the Pittsburgh Intl. Airport. I have a concealed carry license for both WV & PA. Was wondering if it is legal to open carry in your vehicle in PA? I have to wear dress clothes for work & have to leave my carry piece in the vehicle while at work...