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    Found what I was looking for.........

    Some readers may recall that I was searching for an IWB holster which had the options of a sweat shield and the ability to pivot to adjust the cant. I conducted an exhaustive search on the internet with the following results. Most makers did not offer both options, you could typically get one or...
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    Need help locating holster.

    I am currently searching for a IWB holster for my Springfield XD-9. I would like the two following features on it: a belt attachment that pivots so I can adjust the cant and wear the holster in crossdraw mode, a sweat/body shield. I want to avoid anything with a safety strap. I have found...
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    Identify this gun.

    I recently saw the Bruce Willis movie "Die Hard". In one scene actor Alan Rickman shoots actor Hart Bochner with what appears to be a H&K P7, except it is either stainless or nickel. Was the P7 made in stainless or is it some other gun?
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    HELP!!!....Looking for Holster.

    I've been checking out many web sites for a concealment holster. Recently I saw a IWB holster that held the gun canted to the right when worn in the middle of the back. The theory behind it, was a right handed shooter would reach behind himself, palm out, drawing the gun. This is rather like a...