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    Chicago shootings

    Looks like having the most restrictive gun laws in the nation doesn't seem to be working out too well.After bloody weekend, Chicago mayor pleads for help: 'You're not a snitch' - U.S. News
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    Reasons not to open carry

    There is data that says otherwise: "60% of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. 40% of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed." Link Removed
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    another dumb activist. his 15mins

    Actually, 42 states allow open carry, 26 of which allow open carry with no permit. Link Removed
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    Owning modern day assault weapons

    I still have one of these around somewhere. Bought it when I owned a 10-22. Gave the 10-22 to my son, but kept the device. It was fun, but had to be used with a tripod if you actually wanted to hit something. Link Removed
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    NC expands Castle Doctrine, make other "gun friendly" changes.

    Gun rights group: Castle Doctrine 'not a make my day law' :: "Effective Dec. 1, gun owners will have less guesswork. The update to the law flips the burden of proof from the homeowner to prosecutors. If someone unlawfully crosses a homeowner’s threshold, whether there's a weapon in...
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    25 days for permit renewal-Wilson Co. NC

    It looks like our new sheriff has speeded up some of the administrative processes. Other permit holders had told me the county was running right up to 90 day limit for processing renewals. I filled out my renewal application 5/5/11, and the sent out a letter on 5/31/11 telling me my permit was...
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    Interesting article re: Kimber 1911 pistols

    "ALE's pricey guns prove unreliable" Front page of our local newspaper: Link Removed
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    Opinions of The Sheriffs First Law

    In most states, the county sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement agent in his respective county. "In the Link Removed, a sheriff is generally, but not always, the highest Link Removed officer of a Link Removed. A sheriff is in most cases elected by the population of the county. In...
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    when is it legal to draw?

    "Those studies and others indicate that often the mere sight of a firearm discourages an attacker. Criminologist John Lott from the University of Florida found that 98 percent of the time when people use guns defensively, simply brandishing a firearm is sufficient to cause a criminal to break...
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    Armed restaurant owner shoots 2 would-be robbers

    Suspect in deadly Johnston County shootout caught ::
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    Off duty Texas LEO shoots 3 felons

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    Military Bumper Stickers

    Got this in an email from an old friend. i thought most everyone here would enjoy it. BUMPER STICKERS SEEN ON MILITARY BASES (Well some of these may be a little long for a bumper sticker...but you get the gist of it right?) "Except For Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, WAR...
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    Police: 1 killed, 4 wounded in Ariz. shootout

    "TUCSON, Ariz. - Police say one man is dead and three others are wounded after they attempted to rob an Arizona store and got into a shootout with the owner and an employee." Police: 1 killed, 4 wounded in Ariz. shootout - U.S. news-
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    Hey Chicago this is how we do it out west.

    I'm confused! Did he have a carry permit or not? Or were there 2 armed citizens? From this article: Link Removed "A man who had a permit to carry a gun saw the robber point the weapon at the clerk and pulled out his handgun and shot the suspect multiple times, police said." "The man...
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    Why a permit?

    Open carry is legal in NC without a permit. Actually, open carry without a permit is legal in a number of states. Link Removed bill
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    Carrying as a non-immigrant

    Chapel Hill also disallowed both open and concealed carry, but as of 6/21/96, NC (state) gun laws generally pre-empt local ordinances. "Effective June 21, 1996, a new Article 53B was enacted which provides that with certain exceptions the field of firearms regulations is preempted from...
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    Trend toward more liberal gun laws

    I fully understand that the term "liberal" may have a negative connotation with regrds to political viewpoints, and I actually did debate whether to use that term. But I think my use of the term is correct. I found a fairly wide variety of definitions and descriptions of the term "liberal, but...