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    concealed carry in parks?

    Anyone have any experience carrying concealed in state parks? According to Texas law you must inform LEO's and park and wildlife officers. But, does any one know is there a 30.06 law already in place for state parks, or does it vary from park to park?
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    question regarding a shotgun

    Hello, I recently aquired a brand new out of the box Mossberg Maverick,Model 88 12 GA. 8 shot shotgun. I was test firing it at a range using 2 3/4 birdshot. The loading tube holds 7 + 1 in the chamber. I inserted it and fired 8 shots, all was well until after I fired the 8th shot, I tried to...
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    Open Carry in Texas?

    Anyone know if Texas might allow open carry in the future? I have heard that the NRA or other groups are pushing for it. Anyone know anything?