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    Bill Jordan said hitting beat missing.

    of course, but we all KNOW he was so SLOW at it, right? what did HE spend 1000's of hours on, hmm? Likewise George Nonte, Kenny Hackathorn, Elmer Keith, Jeff Cooper, Bill Wilson, and 100's of others? Did they say or think that it was ok to be slow? Only the lazy claim that it is. Fast draw...
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    4 hits in .75 second aint that fast.

    it's just .19 second average for each shot. 3/4 second and 5 hits, with the time starting at the first shot, is the same. I can't help it if you are slow and ignorant, guys. google for Brian Enos's forums. well over 20 years ago, he and Robbie Leatham were getting repeat hits in .11 second...
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    Familiar with THV Arcane ammo?

    their 9mm load(from France, no concerns about SAAMI pressures or lawsuits) was 45 grs at 2400 fps, in a 5" barrel. their .45 was 60 grs at 2200 fps. google for RBCD ammo and check out their 9x23 Win load. regular old 1911, and its 60 grs at 2600fps. DON'T THINK that I advocate their silly...
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    Did you ever wonder why, with rifle matches,

    The 10 ring is 8-10" wide at 200-300 yds, but then it's 20" wide at 400-500 yds? :-) I mean, do men or deer suddenly get 5x as much surface area, just cause you are shooting at them from farther away, or what? An 8" diameter circle has a 4" radius, which is 16 when squared, x 3.14, is 50...
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    Aware of .32 ACP adapters for 308?

    single shot, and .32 ammo is so expensive that you'd have to reload 500 rds or so for a shtf cache of it, but you can get the adapter out of the gun in 1 second or less, simply by cycling the bolt, and have a 308 autorifle ready for rapidfiring. That can't be said of the .22lr (rapidfiring, 30...
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    cheap, portable, quiet means of testfiring guns.

    Smiths need this, for checking guns that need or have had, repairs. It saves many hours of travel to the range, if you have no indoor range as part of your shop. For wheeler-dealers at gun shows, it can be done in your van, in the parking lot, after paying the prospective seller to accompany you...