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    Non resident permit questions for MO resident.

    Now that MN has dropped reciprocity with MO, I'd like to get a MN non resident permit. I can't find exact info on the training requirements, other than it must be given by an "approved intructor". Can anyone point me in the right direction for the easiest - and ideally, closest to the border -...
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    Current state of CCW in Denver?

    A fellow member of was just in Denver and was hassled by the police for CCW on a KS permit. He was told that "they could arrest him, but they'd give him a break this time". All my research indicates that Colorado has preemption for CCW and while Denver may have a municipal ordinance...
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    Clark Co. Registration

    Didn't I hear something about the registration in Clark Co. going away after the first of the year, or am I just dreaming? Joe
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    West VA now has full reciprocity with MO!

    About high time! Joe
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    Welcome to Missouri!

    First post from Missouri! Thank you Luke for what has the potential to be an incredible resource! If you're a Missourian, or planning on visiting the Show Me state (that doesn't refer to your carry weapon BTW), stop by and visit for more state specific info, resources and...