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    What would you do?

    What would you do in this situation? Apparently these two muggers were not armed (lets assume they were not). Would you have drawn your weapon and shot them, or would you let them have your wallet and let them get away? " Fairfax County Police are looking for suspects in a robbery that took...
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    Sadly, when we have another terrorist attack in this country ( and I believe we will ) it will be in those cities and states that restrict the citizens right to be armed. If, for example, they staged an attack in Richmond Virginia they would be among an armed population that would return fire...
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    Where you need it, you can't have it.

    I live in Northern Virginia. I feel safe most everywhere I go, but I still CC. The two places I do not feel safe are DC and Baltimore. DC is a twenty minute ride from my house and Baltimore is a little farther maybe an hour. We are having Thanksgiving dinner in Baltimore with family. My point...
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    Mother fights back

    Go Mama. Breastfeeding mother wounded in home invasion shootout | On Air Videos | Fox News
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    Another one for the good guys.

    Another one bites the dust. Link Removed
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    The Looney Left

    Once again they are shown for what they are............. Link Removed
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    Oregon voters

    Interesting dillema for the Sheriff. Link Removed
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    One for the CCW Citizen

    I didn't see this posted anywhere. CCW Citizen shoots robber. Link Removed