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  1. rudiepop

    Silencer made from stuff at Lowe's

    I just finished making a silencer for my Sig Mosquito and the damn thing works like a charm, especially with subsonic ammo. I have Glock I tricked out with a silencer years ago and I disected it with a band saw. I just got a new barrel for my XDm .40 and was going to get another silencer to fit...
  2. rudiepop

    Knowing Your Invisible Line ~ When to draw your weapon.

    The invisible line is the point in your mind when you decide to draw your weapon and shoot. How do you define that line? Is that line always the same? How do I determine where my line is? These are important questions that everyone should be able to answer if they carry a firearm for...
  3. rudiepop

    My dog fishes ~ check this out

    Ok not really me dog. I wish!
  4. rudiepop

    ~dog catches fish!~ very cool

  5. rudiepop

    ~the fastest quick draw ever~

    For those of you who have never seen this guy in action before here it is: The guy is a freak of nature! BOB MUNDEN :eek:
  6. rudiepop

    Good carry belt ~ other than Crossbreed?

    Does anyone know of a good thick belt similar to Crossbreed belts that are less than $50. I live around Springfield Mo and know the leather shop where Crossbreed has their stuff made. The shop sells seconds that they have made for Crossbreed but maybe have slight imperfections and not good...
  7. rudiepop

    Shooting range incident

    I am done with Busiek state parks free gun range.:angry: Yesterday I take my 13 yr old out to shoot a .22 magnum I picked up cheap to set the dope on the scope. One other group of people was there and they had a guy "teaching them how to shoot" MORON! He had a Glock, an AR15, a KelTec rifle and...
  8. rudiepop

    ~The Ten Commandments of concealed carry~ According To Rudiepop

    :mad:~1 Before thou carriest a weapon thou shalt accept the possibility of taking another life.:triniti: ~2 Thou shalt carry at All times where legally accepted.:yes4: ~3 Thou shalt carrythy weapon in a safe manner.:wink: ~4 Thou shalt keep thy weapon clean and in good working order.:butcher: ~5...
  9. rudiepop

    Impressions on Sig 516? compared to colt?

    Looking to get bushmaster as next purchase but the gun guys are trying to say that the Sig 516 is better. Have a Colt AR 15 that i have had since 1984 and it is "OK" in my book. If I am to get a new one i want a big upgrade without breakin the bank. I have a Sig P226. had it for 15 years and...